College of Education and Liberal Arts

Point 3: Field Experience

Graduate students are required to complete 6 SCH of field experience for Standard Certification.  Upon program admission and completion of a two courses (usually ED 506/ED 508), students may complete field experience in one of three ways:

1)    Year-long Paid-Internship (Alternative Certification Program – ACP) - Obtain teaching position as first-year teacher.  Please note there is a supervision fee charged each semester.

2)    One semester of Clinical Practicum (Student Teaching)  - Spring Only

Those planning on completing via Year-long Internship call 903/223-3044 or email for requirements and eligibility for Probationary Certification. 

Those planning to complete field experience via Clinical Practicum are expected submit Notice of Intent for Field-Base between Sept. 1 and Oct. 1 of the Semester prior to beginning Field-Based Semester at TK20 . 

Questions? Call 903/223-3044 or email