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Graduation Checklist

Are you graduating soon?

Ensure your success for meeting graduation requirements by running your own DegreeWorks audit.  Students can run their DegreeWorks audit through Web for Students to ensure they are registering for the correct courses, and make sure they graduate in a timely fashion. 

Make sure to pay attention to degree candidate information on the graduation website and emails sent to your ACE email account.  Students should pay attention to the following checklist items.  Contact graduation@tamut.edu if you have any questions or need assistance with the graduation process.

DegreeWorks check mark Generate a Degree Evaluation

Generate a degree evaluation and verify you are meeting all the degree requirements needed for graduation prior to applying. 

Use the Student Guide on How to Access DegreeWorks to review your degree requirements and academic information.  Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor each semester to ensure they are enrolling in the correct courses.  If you have questions about your degree evaluation or remaining requirements, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor.   

Visit the DegreeWorks website for additional information and helpful resources to navigate your way to graduation successfully.

DegreeWorks check mark Apply for Graduation

After ensuring you meet all degree requirements, submit your graduation application via Web for Students by the deadline published for the semester you plan to complete your graduation requirements.  The Application for Graduation is located in Web for Students.  Use the Step by Step Instructions to apply for graduation.

The online application will be available 24 hours a day until the published deadline. After that time, students must apply for graduation in the Office of the Registrar (if approved for late application).

Important Questions You Need to Verify on the Graduation Application:

  • Is your degree/curriculum information correct on the graduation application?
    • Ensure your degree/curriculum information is correct before submitting your application; including minors, double majors/minors, and/or concentrations.
  • Is your name correct on the graduation application?
    • Make sure your legal name is accurate. This is the name that will appear on your diploma.
  • Is your permanent legal address up to date?
    • Make sure your permanent legal address is updated in Web for Students to ensure your diploma is mailed to the appropriate address should you not attend the ceremony.
  • Will you be attending the ceremony?
    • This information is important in determining how many tickets each student will receive if tickets are required.

DegreeWorks check mark Check Ace email and DegreeWorks notes

All communication related to your graduation application will be sent to your Ace email account.  Any remarks regarding the status of your application (including any missing requirements) will be listed in the Notes section at the bottom of your DegreeWorks audit.  

DegreeWorks check mark Check your Graduation Status

A student’s graduation eligibility is evaluated by the Registrar’s Office once a student applies to graduate.  Students can check the status of their graduation application online through Web for Students or DegreeWorks.  Visit the Graduation Status website for instructions on how to check your graduation application status.  

Graduation status categories:

  • Grad Application Received- application for graduation received; has not yet been reviewed.
  • Pending graduation- all checks of your degree evaluation have been completed.  Registrar’s Office waiting for final grades to be posted for the semester and/or official transcripts to be received to verify all requirements have been met before awarding the degree.
  • Under Review; Contact Reg Ofc- Your graduation application is being reviewed, however the review cannot be completed due to issues such as a low GPA in the required areas, not having the required amount of hours or missing courses.  Contact the Graduation Coordinator's Office at graduation@tamut.edu or 903-334-6751.
  • Awarded- All requirements have been met and your degree has been posted.

DegreeWorks check mark Off-Campus Enrollment During Last Semester

Students may not enroll off campus during the semester they expect to graduate. The university must record final grades from all courses the student takes at another university on a student's Texas A&M University-Texarkana transcript prior to the last semester of enrollment before graduation. This requirement includes cross-registered courses, CLEP exams and courses completed through the course-exchange program.

DegreeWorks check mark Name in Commencement Program- FERPA information

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), if you withhold any of the following information your name will not be printed in the commencement program:

  • your name
  • program of study (college, major, or campus)
  • degrees
  • honors and awards received

Students planning to participate in the commencement ceremonies and wish to have their name in the program and press releases, should submit the "Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information" form to the Registrar's Office and select "Remove Directory Information Restriction" to remove any directory holds you may have placed on the previously mentioned items.  Due to the production of the commencement program, students must initiate FERPA holds no later than six weeks prior to the commencement ceremony to have information withheld from the program.  

DegreeWorks check mark Incomplete and "K" Grades

Review your DegreeWorks audit to ensure all courses have been completed and the correct grade recorded.  Any courses with an incomplete (X grade) or K grade will prevent your degree from being awarded. 

The Registrar's Office must receive the correct paper work in order to record the proper grade on your academic record.  If an incomplete or K grade is still listed on your record, contact the instructor of the course to determine when the proper paper work will be submitted to the Registrar's Office.    

DegreeWorks check mark Graduate Comprehensive Exams

Please contact your Advisor or the College of Arts Sciences and Education for more details.

DegreeWorks check mark Official Transcripts

Order official transcripts from all other educational institutions you have attended while attending A&M-Texarkana, especially if any of those credits are needed to complete requirements for your degree.  These transcripts must be received by the end of your final term. 

DegreeWorks check mark GPA Requirements

Maintain or obtain the required minimum GPA of 3.00 for Graduate students and 2.00 for Undergraduate students in all 3 areas:

  • Overall GPA
  • Institutional GPA (A&M-Texarkana courses)
  • Major

DegreeWorks check mark Outstanding Balance

All outstanding balances must be paid one week prior to the commencement ceremony.  Students with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony.  Students may check their account balance through the TouchNet system in Web for Students.  Students may contact Business Services at business.office@tamut.edu; 903-223-1354 or visit their office located on the 2nd floor of the University Center, suite 257.

Students may be charged fees and/or fines related but not limited to the following areas.  Any fines and/or charges incurred by the student must be paid one week prior to the commencement ceremony, otherwise the student will not be able to participate in graduation activities. 

  • tuition related to registered courses
  • library fines
  • parking fines
  • room/board
  • housing damage, etc

Students with an outstanding balance will have holds placed on their record that can prevent:

  • a student from receiving their diploma
  • release of an official transcript
  • confirmation of degree
  • future registration, etc

All students, graduating or not, should make every effort to ensure their outstanding balance is paid in a timely manner so that they may receive official documents from the university as well as register for a future term. 

DegreeWorks check mark Successfully complete all degree and university requirements

The following actions can prevent a student from completing their degree requirements and prevent them from graduating and/or receiving their diploma.

  • Dropping or withdrawing from required courses
  • Failing a course
  • Not meeting GPA requirements
  • Not satisfying requirements as listed in the DegreeWorks audit
  • Outstanding financial obligations with the university (ex: tuition & fees not paid, parking fines, library fines, etc)

DegreeWorks check mark Preparing for Graduation

Make sure to check the Graduation website and ACE email for more information regarding graduation.


If you have questions regarding your graduation application or any of the information above, please contact the Graduation Coordinator's Office at graduation@tamut.edu or 903-334-6751.
  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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