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SGA President

1. Serve as the chief executive officer for the Student Government Association

2. Speak on behalf of the student body and represent the SGA organization in official functions

3. Sign or veto bills from the senate

4. Execute and enact the bills passed by the senate

5. Create and appoint any officer position with approval by 2/3s vote of the senate

6. Appoint person(s) to committees with approval by 2/3s vote of the senate

7. Establish rules and procedures for effective operations of the executive branch.

8. Set the agenda for executive and general meetings, preside over executive and general meetings, and call special meetings

9. Ultimately responsible for legislation enacted by the senate

10. Attend general and executive meetings and events of the SGA

11. Meet regularly and assist with standing committee chairs and advisor

12. Carry out the duties of this office according to the SGA Constitution and by-laws

13. Other duties as assigned

 **President will also serve as the campus representative to the Chancellors Student Advisory Board(CSAB).  This board is made up of student representatives from each of the system universities and advises the Chancellor on matters of student concerns.  This position requires attendance of a planning meeting in May 2010 and attendance at a Board of Regents meeting in Sept.  Both meetings will be in College Station, TX.

Application for SGA President

Please complete and return to roo UC 126 by April 15th