Student Support

Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Some things you may wish to discuss with an academic advisor are: Your goals, fields of study or possible majors, career path, course selection, your skills, abilities, and talents, or any questions or concerns you may have.

How to get the most out of your advising sessions:

  • Go over your tentative degree plan and course descriptions (This will give you an idea of what courses you need to take, when to take them, and what prerequisites are needed.)
  • Review your unofficial transcript (Get familiar with your academic record.)
  • Look at the class schedule online: here (Consider what classes you need to take and when you want to take them.  Keep in mind your work schedule and other obligations)
  • Create a list of courses you intend to take
  • Check for holds on Web for Students (You cannot register until holds are cleared.)
  • Keep your contact information current and important documents organized
  • Bring relevant documents, pen, and paper to your advising session
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your Faculty or Academic Advisor

Selecting and Planning for Your Major

If you are considering several fields of interest and would like to talk to someone about further exploration, please contact an academic advisor. Your advisor is available to assist you with further investigation and clarification regarding major, career, and life goals. Or, you can speak with your faculty advisor if you are unsure of your major or want to discuss your options.

Building Your Schedule

Remember to consider the following:

  • For every on (1) hour in class, schedule two to three (2-3) hours of study outside of class.
  • Think about scheduling courses with a break in between to prepare for class or review notes.
  • Keep a daily planner to schedule weekly or bi-weekly work or campus related meetings.
  • Eating healthy is important to your academic health; schedule time for a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have a quick snack or hand to eat in between meals if necessary.
  • Schedule time for your physical health; schedule time on your weekly schedule for aerobic activity at least three (3) times a week.

Registering for Classes

1. Students who are currently taking courses at A&M -Texarkana may register using Web for students during Priority Registration.

2. Logon to Web for Students and check your HOLD stats before registering. If you have a HOLD on your account you will not be able to self-register. You will need assistance from the Academic Success Advisor in order to register.

3. Two weeks before Priority Registration are known as Advising Weeks.

  • During these two weeks, you may see an Academic Advisor to discuss course selection for the next semester.
  • You and the Academic Advisor will also want to discuss your academic progress in current courses, involvement in campus organizations.
  • Before you register, make sure to research which courses are open by using the Current Schedule online which is located at Always select the number of courses you would like to enroll for the next semester, plus two or three alternative course and /or course times in case the courses you want are unavailable.
  • Add/Drop days are usually three days of the first week of classes each semester. During this time, you may make changes to your schedule through the Add/Drop process with the Student Success Advisor.

Students are responsible for maintaining an accurate registration with the Office of the Registrar. Students may view their schedules for accuracy at any time through Web for students and should contact their Student Success Advisor or the Office of the Registrar if there are problems.

Declaring a Degree Plan

Declaring an undergraduate degree plan is the method by which you officially notify the University which degree you want to receive and which major(s) you have chosen. All students will declare their major and minor during the first semester at orientation.  If at any time, you decide to change your major or minor, you will need to fill out and submit the following form to the registrar's office:

Undergraduate Change of Major Declaration