Tk20 Quick Links

TK20 is a data management site used by A&M-Texarkana to track student progress throughout the program. Starting Fall 2014, Students will be required to purchase TK20 Access in the Bookstore when enrolled in education coursework (see Course Syllabi) and will have access for 10 years following program completion.  Students will use TK20 for the following:

1. Submit Application for Admission (see Pt. 1 Admission for eligibility, requirements and deadline)

2. Submit "Intent to Do Field-Based Semester" - Completed semester (by Oct. 1 or Mar. 1) prior to starting Block 1

3. Submit Portfolio Items from Coursework

4. Submit Assignments and Documentation from Field Experiences (Internship or Clinical Practicum)

5. Create Professional Portfolio to be shared with Job Prospects

Students may access TK20 via or click on web link:


Quick Start Guide

Questions?  Call 903/223-3044 or email