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Quality in the COB

COB awards

The Texas A&M University-Texarkana College of Business is committed to delivering a quality education to its students. The process that is in place for meeting and exceeding the expectations of stakeholders (including students, faculty, administration, and industry partners) for high quality depends on faculty oversight and engagement.  To make this process easily understood, the faculty has aligned their assurance of quality process to AACSB assurance of learning (AOL) standards.   The process is built on three pillars of faculty oversight represented in three faculty oversight committees.  Every tenured or tenure track faculty member in the College serves on one of these three committees. The three committees are as follows:  the Strategic Planning Committee, the Assurance of Learning Committee, and the Curriculum Committee.  Since all of the faculty are engaged in one of these committees, this exhibits 100% engagement of the faculty in the oversight of the quality process.

Strategic Plan 

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