ScanMyDocument Instructions

Connect to

The site was created to assist faculty and students in identifying writing concerns in electronically submitted papers.  The use of this site is free to TAMU-T faculty and students via the free multi-use coupon “scanfree”. 

Considerable effort has been expended to develop algorithms that accurately detect and comment writing errors. Beta testers scanned thousands of research papers over a three-year period to refine algorithms, comments, and recommendations. This has produced a system in which comments have been accurate in research papers more than 95% of the time. Your results will vary.  Presently, ScanMyDocument applies over 700 grammar rules to scan submitted files and insert comments when concerns are detected.   

ScanMyDocument does not use cookies nor does it capture any personal demographics or account information.  It requires only a user-defined login and password.  Most submissions are ready for download within five minutes. 

Follow these instructions to utilize the free coupon.

  • Save your document as a Rich Text Format file (.rtf)
    • RTF is a "Save As" option that retains the user's formatting and style selections. 
    • RTF files are required for submissions because they will not support malware; thus, it eliminates a threat of virus infection to this site and to submitted files.
  • Connect to
  • Consider perusing the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Click the “Click Here to Get Started and create a user ID and password
    • Remember your login and password for access to your files at a later time
    • Returning users may login at the top-right of the home screen
  • Click the “Browse” button to locate your .rtf file on your local computer
  • By default all rules will be applied when scanning; although, boxes may be unchecked to disable selected rules if desired
  • Click the “…agree with the Terms of Use” box
  • Enter the verification code (a CAPTCHA) using upper case
    • CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test to assure that the user is human. The purpose of a CAPTCHA is to block use by spambots.
  • Click the “Click here to upload document”
  • Enter “scanfree” in the coupon box and click “Apply Coupon” (not Google Checkout)
  • Wait for the “Processing” icon to change to “Download”
    • Additional files may be uploaded while waiting for processing
    • Users may leave the site once a file is uploaded and, upon return, login to download their files
  • Click the “Download” icon to open or save the selected file
  • Files may be downloaded multiple times, but submissions are deleted from the site after one week  

E-mail Dr. Charles McDonald if you encounter problems or have suggestions for additional rules.  Enjoy.