Tom's Research Helps Pages
for Criminal Justice Students

Here are links to several web pages that I have created for my CJ students.  Many students have common questions about how to complete a research project.  Many of my students did not begin their college experience in schools or programs that required them to write research papers, so they are often "lost" when given a research paper assignment.  In order to help you improve your research product (and grades J) I have developed some brief guides.  I hope you find them helpful.  If you're not in my class, please feel free to use these pages, but you should check with your professors about their own preferred standards and sources.

Tom's Guide to Distinguishing Scholarly Journals, Trade Journals, and Popular Literature Why does Tom insist that we use scholarly literature?  What is it and where is it found?
Finding Criminal Justice Literature at the TAMU-T Library Okay, so I know what it is, but where do I find it?
Comments on Picking Research Sources Commentary to students on choosing research resources.
Comments on Common Writing Errors I see in research papers This is a list of "do's and don'ts" based on some of the most common errors that I see in students papers.