Who We Are

The Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) is doing research in the areas of complex-valued neural networks and intelligent image processing. The CIL is an integrated part of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics of Texas A&M University-Texarkana.

The director of the Laboratory is Dr. Igor Aizenberg.

Our research on complex-valued neural networks is concentrated on the development of the multi-valued neuron (MVN) and MVN-based neural networks paradigms.

Our research on intelligent image processing is concentrated on applications of MVN-based neural networks in image processing and image recognition.

Another important part of our activity is involvement of undergraduate engineering students of Texas A&M-Texarkana in research through their participation in the development of research projects as research assistants and volunteers, through the development of senior projects in the areas of CIL research in CS-485 “Capstone Project in Computer Science” class, and through the elective undergraduate Computer Science and Electrical Engineering courses that cover main research areas of CIL. There are courses CS-363 “Neural Networks and Machine Learning”, CS-467 “Image Processing and Computer Vision”, and CS-497 “Selected topics in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering”.

This site provides overview of our research projects, publications and all current technical activities. Software simulators that utilize the most important solutions developed in CIL can be downloaded from this site.

We also announce here information about the Computer Science/Electrical Engineering Colloquium and present information about our affiliates.