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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

March 21st, 2007 



Called to Order:          2:06 pm

Adjourned:                  2:26 pm

Members present:     Peter Racheotes Chair;

                                    Joan Brumm, Shirley Garick, Gaynell Green, Mohammed Haque


Members present:     Pat Black, Anson Godfrey

Absent:  Elaine Beason, Ann Lotven, Carla Snyder, Kristi Williams

Guests:  Drs. Doug Green, Parag Lala

1.         Agenda

2.         Meeting called to order by Dr. Racheotes. 

3.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr. Green to approve minutes from previous meeting.  February 14th, 2006.  Dr Brumm brought to attraction a typographical error in item # 23, the error was corrected.  Motion passed

4.         Dr. Haque moved, seconded by Dr. Garick to approve Course Inventory Add/Reinstate:  HRD 405 – Human Resource Training and Development.  (G Green)  Dr Brumm asked that there be clarification from the VPAA concerning the recent request for the College of Business to eliminate Human Resource Management major, while allowing approval of courses in Human Resource Training & development.  She indicated that Dean Bashaw was unable to attend today’s meeting to voice his position.  Dr Racheotes suggested to table the item until both Dean R. Stripling and E. Bashaw could meet and discuss the justification.  Seconded by Dr Garick.  Tabled. 

5.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr. Garick to approve Course Inventory Changes:  HRD 415 – Organizational Development and Change.  (G Green)  Dr Racheotes suggested tabling this item also.  Seconded by Dr Haque.  Tabled    

6.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr. Brumm to approve Add New Undergraduate Program:  Minor in Computer & Information Sciences.  (D Green)  This item was Tabled in a previous meeting, 12-13-06.  Motion passed.

7.         Old Business:   Pat Black suggested that items tabled for a year without action be removed from the agenda.  Comm 416 – Case Studies in Advertising.  Dr Garick motion to remove Comm 416, seconded by Dr. Brumm to approve removal.   Motion passed

8          Tabled Items:  BSC – 472, Tabled 2-14-07.

            Course Inventory Add/Reinstate:  HRD 405 – Human Resource Training and Development.  Tabled 3-21-07.

            Course Inventory Change:  HRD 415 – Organizational Development and Change.  Tabled 3-21-07

9.         Next meeting will be April 11th, 2007, 2:00 – 4:00 PM, Room 375.  The last scheduled meeting for the Spring Semester will be May 9th, 2007.  Dr Racheotes ask that all colleges submit items that need approval for the fall semester at either the April or May meeting. 

10.       The College of Arts & Sciences will need to elect a member to serve beginning August 2007 for two years.

11.       Meeting adjournment at 2:26 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melinda Thomas        
Recording Secretary