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Curriculum Committee Minutes

August 23, 2002


Members:  C. McAllister, Chair; D. Abbott; J. Hargus; D. Allard
Ex Officio
:  D. Roach; P. Black
:  K. E. Nichols
: J. Johnson; G. Parangimalil; C. Moore; C. Maxwell

Called to Order:  3:20pm
Adjourned:  3:45pm

1.     It was determined that the Chair serves one year and makes appropriate changes to the By-Laws.  J. Hargus moved, D. Abbott seconded the motion to approve the minutes of July 25, 2002.  Motion passed.

2.     K. E. Nichols posted the HIST 497 syllabus to all members of Arts & Sciences via e-mail on Aug. 14.  After a brief discussion it was determined that no members had actually voted yet for approval of the syllabus.  In lieu of that vote, D. Abbott moved, D. Allard seconded approval of HIST 497.  Motion passed contingent upon favorable vote by Arts & Sciences at next scheduled faculty meeting.

3.     D. Allard moved, J. Hargus seconded approval of COM 305, JOUR 310, JOUR 311, JOUR 413, and JOUR 414.  Motion passed.

4.     D. Allard (webmaster) is working to update the curriculum committee website.  It will need to be modified from its original format.  Specific steps to follow for getting syllabi and other materials in proper order from faculty to the committee will be posted.

5.     D. Roach mentioned that before a new program goes forward, it needed SAC’s approval if it made up over 50% of the “whole program” (re: NTCC partnership and web based courses).  In addition, it would need approval from the Coordinating Board and Board of Regents.

6.    Next meeting: Time and location TBA. (Perhaps late October?)

Respectfully submitted,
C. T. McAllister, Ph.D., Substitute Recorder