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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 16, 2009 


Called to Order:          2:31 pm
Adjourned:                  3:03 pm

Members present:     Peter Racheotes Chair; Joan Brumm, Raul Cruz-Cano, Tom Wagy, Tommie Hughes, Victor Govindaswamy

Members absent:       Elaine Beason

Members present:    
Rosanne Stripling

Members absent:      
Carla Snyder, Kristi Cobb, Pat Black and Scott Lent

Guests:                       Brian Billings and Jo Kahler

1.        Agenda

2.        Meeting called to order at 2:31 PM by Dr. Racheotes. He thanked members for adjusting their schedules to attend this special called meeting. The VPAA had asked for the committee to approve the two degree programs as soon as possible in order to meet The Texas A&M University System timetable. 

3.        Dr. Wagy moved, seconded by Dr. Brumm to approve Add New Undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Science in Drama with Optional Drama EC-12 Teacher Certification.  Dr. Stripling discussed the proposal. She revealed that Texas A&M University-Texarkana has entered into a cooperative agreement with TRAHC, TC, NTCC, TISD, LEISD, PGISD and possibly TASD to be able to use their facilities for performances.  Dr. Brian Billings will be assigned half time to the drama program and half time to the English during the first year. A full time drama faculty will be hired for the second year. Dr. Billings informed the committee that all practicum courses listed in the curriculum are one hour courses. Motion passed.

4.        Dr. Hughes moved, seconded by Dr. Govindaswamy to approve Add New Undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Science in Sociology. In order to meet new Coordinating Board faculty requirements, Dr. Kahler indicated that she will assign Dr. Leonard Peck 50% to the sociology program. Proposal was approved unanimously with the stipulation that Dr. Stripling and Dr. Kahler will verify faculty numbers in Table 4 meet the requirements. Motion passed.

5.        Meeting adjournment at 3:03 pm.

6.        Next meeting: October 13, 2009 at 10:00 am in ACAD 227N.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Mitchell Hughes

Recording Secretary