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Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 8, 2003

Called to Order:           2:31pm
Adjourned:                   3:54pm

Members:       G. Parangimalil, Chair; C. McAllister, D. Allard, B. Owen, J. Hamilton, S. Garick
P. Black, C. Moore, R. Roach, J. Johnson
A. Godfrey. J. Hargus, J. Sander, T. Gandy, S. Garick

1.         J. Hamilton moved, second by D. Allard to approve September 10, 2003 minutes. 

            Motion passed.

2.         D. Allard will add a link of the Coordinating Board’s rules and guidelines on length of courses and limitations on the amount of credit for each course to the CC web page.

3.         Motion by D. Allard, second by C. McAllister to reconfigure Curriculum Committee to include a representative from each of the major divisions and one representative from the Faculty Senate.  Every effort is to be made to guarantee that CC is represented by no more than one member from each major division.  Chris McAllister will relinquish his position and be replaced with Shirley Garick to eliminate duplication within the discipline of Biology.   Motion carried.

            Motion by D. Allard, second by B. Owen that any deliberative action between the Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate will not extend beyond a two week period.  Motion passed.

4.         Motion by Hamilton, second by D. Allard to approve CJ 350: Types of Crime (Jordan) Motion carried.

5.         Motion by S. Garick, second by D. Allard to approve IS 495: Living In the Twenty-First Century:  Mexico (Gandy) and changing the course number to IS 497.  Motion passed.

6.         Motion by S. Garick, second by D. Allard to approve IS 597: SPTP: Mexico in the Twenty-First Century (Gandy).  Motion passed.

7.         Motion by J. Hamilton, second by S. Garick to approve ED 508: Introduction to Teaching (Evans).  Motion passed.

8.         Motion by D. Allard, second by S. Garick to approve splitting ED 485:  EC-4 Methods, a 6 SCH course into two 3 SCH courses, ED 486:  Methods for EC-4 Math, Physical Education, & Science (Sander) and ED 487:  Methods for EC-4 Social Studies, Language Arts, & Fine Arts (Hargus) effective Fall 2004.  Motion passed.

9.         A. Godfrey is invited back to the CC meeting in November to present possible processes for reviewing the quality of web course proposals before they are submitted to the Curriculum Committee.

10.       Next meeting:  Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 2:30pm, Room 227N.

Charlotte E. Maxwell