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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 11th, 2006 


Called to Order:           2:04 pm

Adjourned:                   2:39 pm

Members present:     Peter Racheotes Chair;

                                    Elaine Beason, Joan Brumm, Shirley Garick, Mohammed Haque


Members present:     Anson Godfrey, Pat Black, Ann Lotven, Kristi Johnson

Absent:           Gaynell Green, Carla Snyder


1.         Agenda

2.         Meeting called to order by Dr. Racheotes. 

3.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr. Haque to approve minutes from previous meeting, September 13th, 2006. Motion passed

4.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr. Haque to approve Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program:  BSC 466 – Evolutionary Biology (Allard).  Motion passed.

5.         Dr. Haque moved, seconded by Dr. Garick to approve Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program:  BGS -- Bachelor of General Studies (Bugh).  Motion passed

6.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr. Haque to Table -- Course Syllabus Changes: 

            CJ 420 – Administration and Management of Criminal Justice (Jordan).  Editing to the syllabus (disabilities information and wording to the body of the syllabus) will need to be completed in order to be resubmitted in the November meeting.  Tabled.

7.         Old Business:  Dr Garick moved, seconded by Dr Brumm to open discussions.  Dr Haque moved, seconded by Dr Garick to Table – MGT 446Entrepreneurship -- The committee determined that further editing is needed to the syllabus (grading scale and wording to the body of the syllabus).  Tabled.

            Dr Haque moved, seconded by Dr Garick to approve HIST 419: American Social     and Intellectual History (Perri) Motion Passed.

            TOEFL:  Pat Black gave a verbal presentation of a motion concerning TOEFL, She will submit a written proposal to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the November meeting.

            COMM 416 – Kristi Johnson has received information from Janice Overlock indicating that the course number could be changing from COMM 416 to COMM 420, she will provide information that she has obtained to Dr Racheotes. (See Attached)

8.         Next meeting will be November 8th, 2006, 2:00 – 4:00 PM, Room 375.

9.         Other Business:

10.       Meeting adjournment at 2:39 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melinda Thomas        
Recording Secretary

From: Kristi Johnson
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 3:02 PM
To: Peter Racheotes
Cc: Melinda Thomas
Subject: Comm 416

Dr. Racheotes,


I have reviewed my notes regarding Comm 416 and have found the following.  Initially, the new course form was submitted in the March 2006 meeting with the course as Comm 416-Case Studies in Advertising (see pg. 42 of the March 2006 agenda).  However, in the paperwork for the modification to the Mass Comm. Degree plan, the course was numbered as 420 (see pg. 38 of the March 2006 agenda).  When I noticed this discrepancy, I contacted Janice Overlock who verified that the course should be numbered as 420.  I advised her to correct the form when she resubmitted the request.  The number of 420 number was also reflected when the program change request was resubmitted in the April 2006 meeting (see pg. 16 of the April 2006 agenda).  The existing degree plan notes the course as Comm 420-Case Studies in Advertising (pending approval). 



I felt it important to mention this issue so that it may be corrected when resubmitted to the Committee. 


Let me know if you have any questions.