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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

December 3, 2001

Members:    J. Harbin, Chair; C. McAllister; G. Parangimalil; D. Abbott; J. Hargus; Pat Black, ex officio; Carol Moore, ex officio; J. Johnson, ex officio; D. Roach, ex officio 

The meeting opened at 1:05 p.m.  Course Change List

1.         The following changes were made to the minutes of October 22, 2001:

#3: Replacing IS595: Research, Literature, & Techniques with new course: ACCT524: Legal, Regulatory, & Ethical Environment of Business for MBA and MSBA Majors.  Replacing IS595: Research, Literature, & Techniques with 3HRS of Graduate Business Electives for MSA Majors.

#6: HIST490 should be HIST480.

#8: Accounting course name change for ACCT523: from Financial Accounting Seminar to Financial Statement Analysis.

2.         New cross-listed course: MIS425/CJ425: Cybercrime.

            Don Abbott moved to approve, Jim Harbin seconded, the motion passed.

3.         New MIS course: MIS 345: Management of Telecommunications.

            Don Abbott moved to approve, George Parangimalil seconded, the motion passed.

4.         New MIS course MIS305W: Electronic Commerce.

            Don Abbott moved to approve, George Parangimalil seconded, the motion passed.

5.         New Biology course: BSC449: Vertebrate Histology.

            Juaquita Hargus moved to approve, Don Abbott seconded, the motion passed.

6.         New English course: ENG450: The Short Story.

            Chris McCallister moved to approve, Juaquita Hargus seconded, the motion passed.

7.         New Psychology course: PSY301: APA Writing Style.

            Chris McCallister moved to approve, George Parangimalil seconded, the motion passed.

8.         New Psychology course: PSY541: Advanced Research (replacing IS595).

            This will be revisited at the next meeting.  Jim Martin will be requested to meet with the Committee.

9.         Guidelines for the University Curriculum Committee.

            George Parangimalil moved to accept, Chris McCallister seconded, the motion passed.

10.       Proposed changes for Faculty Forms.

            A justification block will be added to all faculty forms involving proposed changes and new programs/classes.  The Approved by Curriculum Coordinator signature slot will be removed from the forms.

11.       Discussion of Core Courses: PSY320, COM380/GBUS380, ENG333.

            The Committee conveyed its opinion to Dr. Johnson on these three core classes.  Basically, three members/departments (Behavioral Sciences, Business, Education) were in favor of allowing departmental decisions on keeping, changing, or deleting.  Arts & Sciences were in favor of retaining them as core classes.

12.       New Business/Old Business.

            (1) The need for and a delivery date for the new university catalog was discussed.  Dr. Johnson informed the Committee that the catalog was still being revised and a delivery date has not been established.  Questions were raised concerning whether degree plans could incorporate revisions without having an official catalog.  It was decided they could but students could legally insist that the current catalog is binding.  (2) The Committee was informed that students could take graduate classes for undergraduate credit with the permission of the instructor and filing an appropriate form.  (3) It was brought to the Committee’s attention that H.B.1641 states that for all practical purposes “an applicant’s performance on a standardized test may not be used in the admissions or competitive scholarship process for a graduate or professional program ---.”  Dr. Johnson said his office was working on the issue.

The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

Loretta Williams, Recorder