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Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 10, 2003

Called to Order:           2:32pm
Adjourned:                   3:09pm

Members:       G. Parangimalil, Chair; D. Allard, B. Owen, J. Hamilton, P. Racheotes, S. Garick
P. Black, C. Moore, R. Roach, J. Johnson
A. Godfrey, M. Edwards, G. Ballard

1.         S. Garick moved, second by J. Hamilton to approve November 12, 2003 minutes.  Motion passed.

2 &3.   D. Allard moved to take ED 456 and ED 458 off the table.  Second by S. Garick.  Motion by J. Hamilton, second by D. Allard to approve ED 456:  Second Language Acquisition and ED 458:  Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language (Rodriquez) with the amended Justification to read for both courses:  The Hispanic culture continues to grow in our area in NE Texas.  There has become an increasing need for bilingual and English as a Second Language teachers in our area public school systems.  This course will help to address this situation.  Motion passed.

4.         Motion by P. Racheotes, second by J. Hamilton to approve Hist 462:  Modern German History (Mueller).  Motion passed.

5.         Motion by P. Racheotes, second by S. Garick to approve changes to existing undergraduate program to offer BAAS degree as a distance education program (Ballard).  Motion passed.

6.         Motion by S. Garick, second by D. Allard to approve change to GBUS 470:  Internship in Business (L. Davis) to allow students more flexibility by repeating this course for an additional 3 SCH.  Motion passed.

7.         Thank you to D. Allard for his service to this committee.  Notification will be sent to G. Mueller, Dean of Arts Sciences/Education to select another faculty to represent Arts Sciences.

8.         Next meeting:  February 2004.

Charlotte E. Maxwell