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Craig M Nakashian received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Rochester in 2010, working under Professor Richard Kaeuper.  He focused on medieval history, with minors fields in medieval Japan, medieval art history, and archaeology.  He also has a Masters degree in Medieval History from the University of Durham (UK), where he worked under the guidance of Professor Michael Prestwich, and Bachelors degrees in History and Government from Western New England College. 

He joined Texas A&M University-Texarkana as an Assistant Professor of History in 2010.  Prior to that, Dr. Nakashian taught courses at Southeast Missouri State University, Syracuse University, the University of Rochester, and the Eastman School of Music. 

Dr. Nakashian teaches and researches on medieval European history generally, and medieval England and France specifically.  Dr. Nakashian has published on the role of levied soldiers in Anglo-Norman England, and is currently preparing a manuscript on warrior churchmen in the Middle Ages.  He is broadly interested in researching chivalry, religious culture, military culture, and religious reform movements.