Message from Dr. Joan Brumm

Editor, Journal of Organizational Leadership and Business

Texas A&M University-Texarkana


Welcome to the Journal of Organizational Leadership and Business (JOLB).

JOLB publishes papers that demonstrate academic quality and relevance in the fields of domestic and international organizational leadership and business. The target readership of JOLB consists of academics, business practitioners, and community members with a broad range of interests related to business and leadership. 


We continually seek papers of interest to our readership that utilize a wide range of topics and methodologies including case studies, empirical research, innovative classroom practices, and reviews of emerging new business practices or technologies.  Articles may include studies that are replications to confirm or refutes previous findings and survey replications that provide a current update of industry trends.  


Academic and student authors are encouraged to submit papers following the guidelines for their specific area. JOLB is a peer review journal included in the 11th Edition of Cabellís Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management. Authors can submit their manuscript to the editor at


I welcome comments about the journal and the website. Send your thoughts, ideas, and comments to 


Joan Brumm, Editor