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The Journal of Organizational Leadership and Business (JOLB) publishes outstanding student work product completed in the business and leadership curricula at TAMUT. The aim of JOLB is to provide the University community, prospective employers, students, and the community at large with examples of outstanding work product of business students at TAMUT. JOLB publishes the following types of student work product:

  • Substantive original research

  • Secondary research including assessments of recent developments in the business, economic, political and social communities as well as editorial comment of these development

  • Case Studies/Analysis

Student Work Product Submission Guidelines:

Selection Criteria

To be considered for publication, student work product must:

  • Be of outstanding quality and have received a grade of  ďAĒ on the product and an ďAĒ in the course in which it was used to meet course requirements,

  • Have the recommendation of, and be submitted by,  the instructor for the course,

  • Include a assignment/project description clearly establishing the context of the work  (limited to 250 words and may contain url links when appropriate),

  • Serve as a model of excellence in prose style, writing, and formatting,

  • Be submitted within 30 days of the last day of class for a semester (submission packet must be complete at time of submission including: instructor recommendation, copyright assignment by student(s) and course instructor, assignment/project description and student work product as indicated in Style Guideline section)

Style Guidelines

It is recommended that all student work product should follow a recognized style format when submitted in any course.  It is usually in the studentís best interest to submit work product following citation and reference style guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA).  Other styles guidelines such as MLA, ACW adjustments to MLA, and Chicago may be required by an instructor and are acceptable.  Additional editing of the original student submission as part of a course requirement is not acceptable.  The purpose is to demonstrate student course performance.  

The entire submission should be contained in one Microsoft Word format computer file.  Line and one-half spacing should be used.  Use only standard 12-point type. Place the sections of the submission in the following order:

  • Instructor recommendation

  • Copyright Assignments with electronic signatures of instructor and student(s)

  • Assignment/Project Description Page

  • Title Page with Abstract (150-200 words)

  • Body

  • Appendices

  • Footnotes if applicable

  • Reference List

  • Tables

  • Exhibits

  • Maps

  • Figures

Each section should begin on a new page and all pages numbered.

Standard author-date citations should be used within the text. Note with item number and title where tables, exhibits, and so on should appear in the body of the text (e.g., between two paragraphs: Table 1óRatio Analysis).


Work should be submitted via email from the Instructor to:


Submissions are normally desk reviewed by the editor and acknowledged within 2 weeks of receipt. If the submission passes this desk review, they are forwarded to the Journalís Editorial Board for a formal evaluation.  All accepted student work product will be published in the Journal publication following the semester for which it was submitted.



The Journal of Organizational Leadership and Business copyrights all published material, and the publisher reserves future u
se rights. (This does not limit authorsí rights to use their own material.) Authors must obtain any necessary permission and agree to incur any related expense.


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