Guest Ranch Reviews Content Analysis
due in two weeks

Case Background

In the past, our classes have had two different clients who were interested in starting a guest ranch in the vicinity of Clarksville, TX.  One owned a working cattle ranch and was considering construction of a large two-story guest house with a dozen sleeping rooms and common dining area.  That client was interested in hosting dude-ranch guests from around the world with an offer to shuttle guests to and from the Dallas airport.  Our other client owns a smaller ranch inhabited primarily by sheep and alpaca, from which wool is harvested and spun, and riding horses.  This client has been more interested activities of interest to families with children who live within a one-day drive from Clarksville.

If someone with a ranch in the Clarksville, TX, area wanted to run a guest ranch with activities and guests at or between these two extremes, what are the features that are most noticed by guests to cause satisfaction or dissatisfaction?  That is, what does a guest ranch need to make sure that it does right?

One way to gain some insights about guest ranch features that people notice is to look at comments that people have made when evaluating guest ranches.  For this project, let's just look at a single guest ranch and assess comments that people have made about that ranch.

Visit and do a content analysis of customer comments about Paradise Guest Ranch in Buffalo, WY.  Click HERE to directly reach a page that lists comments that you are to analyze. 

Your analysis must not be anecdotal, but must be based on an analysis that is substantiated with the spreadsheet method that was discussed in class.  The objective of this research is to determine what factors cause people to like or dislike the guest ranch experience.  Your report should end with recommendations regarding features that should be emphasized when designing, promoting, and running a guest ranch. 


Visit the link above and do a content analysis of customer comments that are posted. 

Do an analysis of the first forty usable evaluations that are posted.  Note that you are not to use any quantitative (numeric) ratings in your analysis; you are only to use the text of customer comments.

If you have to dis-include any reviews, your report must indicate how many were skipped and why they were skipped (discussed in the methodology section).  For example, you don't want to include any review that could have a bias (e.g., states that a family member is an employee) or that is focused on issues that are not an assessment of the organization or customer experience (e.g., is a commentary on what is wrong with someone else's review). 

Your report must include the following format, not necessarily with any sort of headings:

  1. objectives of the research

  2. source of the data

  3. discussion of the methodology

  4. discussion of the findings

  5. discussion of the conclusions
    (implications / recommendations)

The report should not include the spreadsheet itself; the spreadsheet is merely a working document that is a tool to assist in your analysis.  That is, the report should be understandable without your spreadsheet.  However, your spreadsheet must be readily available if a client wants to see it and absolutely must be submitted to me as your boss.  That is, for the sake of grading your report for this class, you must submit your spreadsheet as a separate (independent) document.

You are encouraged to collaborate with other class members in deciding how to set up the spreadsheet, how to interpret and enter data, and how to interpret the results.  Your final analysis and report submission, however, must clearly be your own work.