Texas A&M University-Texarkana MKT 521W
Marketing Management


Fall 2013

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 21 OCT: The schedule (section 2, Major Topics) of the original syllabus has been fixed to properly align linked notes with textbook chapters.  (The original is here.)

You MUST sign in under Roll Call on the Blackboard course discussion board EACH week.  Online notes that are linked in the outline below are subject to change, so watch the discussion board. 

  1. FACULTY :

    Instructor : Dr. Robert S. Owen
    Office : UC 321F
    Office phone : (903) 223-3010
    Department phone : (903) 223-3020 (Sue Hughes)
    Fax : (903) 223-3121
    Email : robert(dot)owen(at)tamut(dot)edu
    Web site : www.tamut.edu/~bowen/
    Office Hours : M 8:30 - 12:00
    T 8:30 -12:00
    W 3:50 - 4:50
    R 4:00 - 6:00
    check twitter.com/robertowenphd for additional availability

  2. COURSE :

    1. Meeting Time and Place :
      You MUST log on to the course Blackboard site and post to Roll Call on the discussion board once EACH week of the semester.  You are expected to check the discussion board periodically (a few times per week) for course related information.

    2. Course Material :
      Textbooks :
      • Kotler & Keller (2012), Marketing Management, 14E, Prentice Hall, ISBN 9780132102926.  Used and electronic copies without publisher's web site access are OK.
      • Access to the Internet is required.
      • Access to Blackboard is required.

    3. Catalog Description :
      "An advanced marketing course utilizing an analytical approach to solving marketing problems involved in goal setting, planning, and strategies as they apply to product policy, pricing objectives, promotional objectives, distribution policy and marketing research."

    4. Course Objectives :
      Throughout this course, students should be able to demonstrate:
      • knowledge of basic marketing principles and strategy
      • the ability to analyze marketing problems and situations
      • the ability to write persuasive reports of analyses

      "At the completion of your degree TAMU-T graduate students should be proficient in several areas.  You can access these goals at: www.tamut.edu/cob."

    5. Major Topics :

      Week 1
      26 AUG
      • Introduction to course
        • Assignments:
          • You MUST log on and post to Roll Call on the course Blackboard discussion board EACH week of the semester.  You may be dropped from the course for non-attendance if you do not do so. You are expected to stay up to date with all discussions on the course discussion board throughout the course.
      • External Uncontrollable Factors and the Environment
      • Internal and Controllable Factors of Marketing
      • Marketing Strategy
        • Assignments:


      Week 2
      2 SEP


      Week 3
      9 SEP
      • Customer Relationship Management
        • Assignments:
          • Read Ch. 5, Creating Long-term Loyalty Relationships


      Week 4
      16 SEP


      Week 5
      23 SEP


      Week 6
      30 SEP
      • Product Planning; Branding Strategies
        • Assignments:


      Week 7
      7 OCT
      • Product Branding
        • Assignments:
          • Read Ch. 9, Creating Brand Equity
          • Read Ch. 10, Crafting Brand Positioning
          • Read link Product Planning


      Week 8
      14 OCT


      Week 9
      21 OCT
      • Product Strategies
        • Assignments:
          • Read Ch. 12, Setting Product Strategy


      Week 10
      28 OCT
      • EXAM 2
        • Chapters 7-12
      • Services Management

      Week 11
      4 NOV


      Week 12
      11 NOV


      Week 13
      18 NOV


      Week 14
      25 NOV


      Week 15
      2 DEC
      • EXAM 3
        • Chapters 13-19, 21 (not including 20, 22)


    6. Course Projects :
      Students will work individually on three brief case analyses.  Students are expected to ask questions on the discussion board about the expectations for these cases and it is assumed that students are also collaborating about these outside of class.  The analysis and report that is submitted, however, MUST BE THE STUDENT'S OWN WORK; plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    7. Attendance :
      Students are expected to check the Blackboard/WebCT course discussion board on a regular basis for new information.  All questions about the course - anything that you would normally ask in class - should be posted on the course discussion board; anything that the professor would discuss with the entire class will be posted on the course discussion board.  Students MUST post under Roll Call on the discussion board during each of the first three weeks.

    8. Evaluation Methods :
      Students will be evaluated on three individual exams and three individual projects.  The projects are brief case analyses with a deliverable that is in the form of a written report.  Exams will consist of multiple choice questions taken online. 

    9. Grading System :
      Final grades will be based on the following totals in points:

       A=540-600 points
       300=Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3 (100 pts. each)
       300=3 projects (300 pts. each)

    10. Academic Integrity :
      "Academic honesty is expected of students enrolled in this course.  Cheating on examinations, unauthorized collaboration, falsification of research data, plagiarism, and undocumented use of materials from any source constitute academic dishonesty and may be grounds for a grade of 'F' in the course and/or disciplinary actions.  For additional information, see the university catalog."

    11. Disability Accommodations :
      "Students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations through the A&M-Texarkana Disability Services Office by calling 903-223-3062."

    12. A&M-Texarkana Email Address :
      "Upon application to Texas A&M University-Texarkana an individual will be assigned an A&M-Texarkana email account.  This email account will be used to deliver official university correspondence.  Each individual is responsible for information sent and received via the university email account and is expected to check the official A&M-Texarkana email account on a frequent and consistent basis.  Faculty and students are required to utilize the university email account when communicating about coursework."

    13. Drop Policy :
      "To drop this course after the census date (see semester calendar, a student must complete the Drop/Withdrawal Request Form, located on the University website http://tamut.edu/Student-Support/Registrar/Dropping.html or obtained in the Registrarís Office.  The student must submit the signed and completed form to the instructor of each course indicated on the form to be dropped for his/her signature.  The signature is not an "approval" to drop, but rather confirmation that the student has discussed the drop/withdrawal with the faculty member.  The form must be submitted to the Registrarís office for processing in person, email Registrar@tamut.edu, mail (7101 University Ave., Texarkana, TX 75503) or fax (903-223-3140).  Drop/withdraw forms missing any of the required information will not be accepted by the Registrarís Office for processing. It is the studentís responsibility to ensure that the form is completed properly before submission.  If a student stops participating in class (attending and submitting assignments) but does not complete and submit the drop/withdrawal form, a final grade based on work completed as outlined in the syllabus will be assigned."

    14. Class Participation :
      "Students are responsible for beginning their participation on the FIRST CLASS DAY by logging on and completing assignments according to the COURSE CALENDAR.  Failure to submit online assignments between the first day of classes and the "university census date" (according to the university schedule) will result in an ADMINISTRATIVE DROP from the course.  Students who have federal loans and grants must be aware that participation is monitored in online courses.  In the event a student withdraws from a course the student will be required to refund all federal funds prorated from the last date of participation.  A student's last access to Blackboard would not suffice as participation.  The required weekly activity could include a comment to a blog, a discussion board posting, a journal entry, a quiz or exam, a submitted assignment, or other measurable and tracked activity."

    15. Student Technical Assistance :

    16. " Technical Requirements: Minimum Windows Requirements :
      • Pentium IV 1.5GHz+ (preferred: Core Duo)
      • 1 GB RAM minimum (preferred: 2 GB)
      • 128MB Video Card minimum -≠- Sound Card is required for some courses
      • 56K modem minimum (Cable or DSL required for some courses)
      • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
      • Web browser (Internet Explorer 7.0+; Firefox 3.0+)
      • Microsoft Word, minimum Office 97
        Some courses will need plug-≠-ins such as Flash player 10 +, QuickTime player 7.0+, Adobe Reader 9.0+, Java Runtime Environment (Java 1.6.0_15), Windows Media Player 10+, RealPlayer, and Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave.  Some online courses may also require a CD ROM (8x minimum, higher recommended) Blackboard has certified the following browsers for computers running Windows Operating Systems:
      • Internet Explorer 8 or 9 (IE is not supported on Windows XP)
      • Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
      • Google Chrome

    17. " Minimum Apple Macintosh Requirements :
      • Intel Core 2.0GHz+
      • 1 GB RAM (preferred: 2 GB)
      • 128MB Video Card minimum -≠- Sound Card is required for some courses
      • 56K modem minimum (Cable or DSL required for some courses)
      • Web browser (Firefox 3.0+ ; Safari 3.0+)
      • Microsoft Word, minimum Office 97
        Some courses will need plug-≠-ins such as Flash player 10+, QuickTime player 7.0+, Adobe Reader 9.0+, Java Runtime Environment, RealPlayer, and Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave.  Some online courses may also require a CD ROM (8x minimum, higher recommended) Blackboard has certified the following browsers for computers running Macintosh Operating Systems:
      • Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar): (Safari 1 is compatible)
      • Mac OS 10.3 (Panther): Safari 1.2 (Firefox 1.5 is compatible)
      • Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger): Safari 2 and Firefox 1.5
      • Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard): (Firefox 2.0 is compatible)

      "I-≠-OS and Android Devices
      These devices are currently supported using the Blackboard Mobile App, available for free from your App Store or scan the code below:

      Q code

      To access Texas A&M University -≠- Texarkana, there is an individual license fee of $1.99 per year or $5.99 lifetime.  This fee gives you access to the university from all your (same platform) devices; it is not necessary to pay the fee for each device you own."