Client Research Proposal
written report due 27 NOV (180 points)
You may additionally make a presentation to the professor in class that day to explain your report, but we will not be making a presentation to our client. 

Present a formal research proposal for our artisans gallery project, consisting of a written report and, optionally, a presentation.  Recall the several calls for proposals that we had used in regards to the artisan gallery throughout this course.  Your proposal must address the general research objectives that we have had throughout these assignments associated with this ongoing project. 

Your single research proposal must include two phases of research (no more, no less).  For example, you might propose the conduct of an exploratory focus group study followed by a closed-ended mail survey, you might propose a content analysis of open ended questions followed by a focus group study, you might propose an initial TDI followed by a larger IDI study, etc.  The series of two studies that you propose, however, must be supported as the most relevant way of meeting the previously assigned objectives associated with finding how far (radius) people might drive to visit an artisans gallery in Texarkana and what kinds of artisan works would attract people to regularly visit, to bring friends to visit, and to make occasional purchases. 

Whatever pair of studies you propose, your single proposal should make it clear that these studies would be thorough in answering questions in the research objective that we have been using in this course.  Given that a client is in most cases less familiar with the research process than example proposals have presumed, your proposal should provide enough details that anyone who is unfamiliar with this project would be able to understand the problem and the proposed research methodology, analysis, deliverables, and costs. 

Since our client would have no incentive to steal a research proposal for the use of some third party, submit ALL proposed research instruments as appendices, including such instruments as screeners, topic guides, survey forms, etc. 

Also submit your internal budget worksheet as an appendix with enough details that any potential client could understand it.  (In a normal for-profit research firm, the client wouldn't see this budget.)  For your budget worksheet, use the profit margin and the costs that we had assumed in association with using university facilities and resources; if you need a cost that we haven't discussed, then ask me to give you one.  A budget that is unrealistic, doesn't make sense, or doesn't match your price quote will have a heavy impact on your grade.  (An uncompetitively high price or a price that doesn't cover costs could get you fired from a real research firm.)  Note that I do not need (or want) a Gantt table or chart this time; your proposed timeline should make sense by itself.

From past assignments, you are expected to now be familiar with how to format a research proposal for a practitioner project.  You will therefore not be provided with a template this time -- this project is designed in part to see if you can tie together insights, skills, and techniques that are needed to do real-world work.  Note that you will be quoting a single price that is inclusive of a single two-study project. 

This is an individual project; each student is to submit his/her own proposal.