Sample Qualitative Analysis
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(objective, method) Of interest in Question 17 was physicians' perceptions of this new drug.  Responses were placed on a spreadsheet grid, enabling counts of concerns for cost, efficacy, interaction, side effects, and such, to be entered on this grid.

(findings) 156 of 158 total responses were usable.  Of these 156 usable responses, 68 (44 percent) mentioned cost or formulary concerns.  111 (71 percent) expressed a concern with side effects: 49 of these expressed a specific concern with drug interactions (e.g., P450), 56 mentions were made specifically with regard to toxicity or liver dysfunction, and 23 mentions were made with respect to CHF, arrhythmia, hypotension, and such.  Thirty respondents (19 percent) expressed concern with regard to the newness of the drug, a lack of studies or data, or a lack of knowledge about the long term effects of the drug.  Only six indicated a concern with efficacy (mostly long-term) and only four mentioned issues of dosage.  Five respondents indicated “none”.

(conclusions) Respondents, then, would like to be assured of benefits vs. cost and benefits vs. known side effects.  Additionally, a large proportion of respondents would like to be assured of the benefits vs. many unknowns associated with a new drug, and it might be helpful to provide information/data from new studies as this becomes available.


Some descriptors used in the spreadsheet (this isn't part of the report!):

CHF = congestive heart failure
LFT - liver function test?
P-450 enzymes - has to do with liver ####look for this to add to interaction or to liver
CYP 450, cytochrome P450 - ?
QT - related to heart
QT syndrome: An inherited defect in the heart's rhythm.