Texarkana Entertainment Focus Group Screener
due in two weeks

Our class client is interested in learning how people perceive a local Texarkana art gallery.  Interest is in how far (radius) people might drive to visit the gallery and what kinds of artworks and prices would attract people to regularly visit, to bring friends to visit, and to make occasional purchases.

In order to gain insights into these issues, we could conduct exploratory interviews on a sample of people who are in our initial target.  Such interviews could be conducted in a variety of ways, e.g. by a visit to where people in the sample live, by calling on the phone to where they live, or by asking them to come to a research facility for a face-to-face individual interview or focus group session.  There are a number of tradeoffs regarding available resources, reachability, transportation, perceived confidentiality, and such, but we will opt for now to recruit for focus group sessions.  At this point in the process, we are not interested in designing an entire research study, but are only interested in how we would recruit a sample of people to interview.

Write a screener that could be used to recruit people who live in the geographic region of Texarkana and surrounding areas.  Some specific issues in recruiting are as follows:

  • We would like a sample of at least 48 Texarkana and surrounding area residents (six focus group sessions of eight people).

  • We want to recruit one extra person per session to make up for possible no-shows (recruit 54).

  • Of the 54 recruits, we would like 30 to be residents in the postal areas of
    • Texarkana, AR (zip code 71854),
    • Texarkana, TX (75501, 75502, 75503, 75504, 75505, 75507),
    • Wake Village, TX (75501),
    • Nash, TX (75569)

  • We would like the remaining 24 recruits to be residents in the postal areas of:
    • Ashdown, AR (71822)
    • Atlanta, TX (75551)
    • Boston, TX (75557)
    • DeKalb, TX (75559)
    • Douglassville, TX (75560)
    • Fouke, AR (71837)
    • Fulton, AR (71838)
    • Garland City, AR (71839)
    • Hooks, TX (75561)
    • Linden, TX (75563)
    • Maud, TX (75567)
    • Mount Pleasant, TX (75455). 
    • New Boston, TX (75570)
    • Redwater, TX (75573)
    • Simms, TX (75574)

  • All recruits must be over age 18.  Half of the recruits must be under the age of thirty; half of the recruis must be age thirty or older. Recruit only one person per household.

  • All recruits must have lived in their particular zip code category (the immediate Texarkana city area or the surrounding area, not necessarily in the same house) for two years or more.

  • All recruits would be paid $100 for a one-hour session and those outside of the immediate Texarkana area (outside of Texarkana, Wake Village, and Nash) would additionally receive seventy-five cents per mile for travel cost and time (based on zip code, not actual address).  Each focus group session will run about 45 or 50 minutes, scheduled on the hour.

A screener should include the following where possible:

  • The study number.
  • The client organization.
  • The client's name, address, phone number, fax number.
  • The cities from which you will be recruiting.
  • The interview session date and time for which you are recruiting.
  • Who you are recruiting.
  • How many you are recruiting.
  • The length of the interview.
  • The topic of the interview: be sure that it sounds interesting to the prospective recruit, but don't provide any more details than are necessary.
  • Directions to the facility for the recruit.

Anything not to be read on the phone should be put in bold and capital letters.

The following examples might be helpful: