Texas A&M University-Texarkana MKT 505
Services Marketing


Spring 2011

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check at tamut.edu/~bowen/ on or after the first day of class for an updated, interactive version of this sullabus.
  1. FACULTY :

    Instructor : Dr. Robert S. Owen
    Office : 215 Academic Building
    Office phone : (903) 223-3010
    Department phone : (903) 223-3020 (Sue Hughes)
    Fax : (903) 223-3121
    Email : robert(dot)owen(at)tamut(dot)edu
    Web site : www.tamut.edu/~bowen/
    Office Hours : TBA
    check twitter.com/robertowenphd for more

  2. COURSE :

    1. Meeting Time and Place :
      Monday, 7:00-9:45 PM, Room TBA

    2. Course Material : 
      Textbook : 
      Clow & Kurtz (2004), Services Marketing: Operation, Management, and Strategy (Second Edition).  Atomic Dog Publishing.  Available from the publisher in paperback and paperless (online) media.
      Materials :
      Access to the World Wide Web is required.

    3. Course Objectives :
      Throughout this course, students should be able to demonstrate:
      • knowledge and understanding of services marketing concepts and terminology
      • the ability to analyze service marketing problems and situations
      • the ability to present analyses in written and oral form

    4. Major Topics :
      These are approximate dates. 

      Week 1 :
      24 JAN  
      • Introduction to Services Marketing - Ch. 1


      Week 2 :
      31 JAN  


      Week 3 :
      7 FEB  
      • Consumer Expectations of Services - Ch. 3
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #2


      Week 4 :
      14 FEB  
      • Service Quality - Ch. 4
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #3


      Week 5 :
      21 FEB  


      Week 6 :
      28 FEB  
      • People - Ch. 6
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #5


      Week 7 :
      7 MAR  


      14-18 MAR
      • SPRING BREAK - no class


      Week 8 :
      21 MAR  
      • Pricing - Ch. 8
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #6


      Week 9 :
      28 MAR  
      • Distribution - Ch. 9
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #7


      Week 10 :
      4 APR  


      Week 11 :
      11 APR  
      • Managing Supply, Demand, and Productivity - Ch. 11
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #8


      Week 12 :
      18 APR  
      • Customer Retention - Ch. 12
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #9


      Week 13 :
      25 APR  
      • Developing an Integrated Communications Program - Ch. 13
      • submit article summary
      • submit service encounter diary #10


      Week 14 :
      2 MAY  


      Week 15 :
      9 MAY  


    5. Term Project :

      We will be doing a live consulting project for a class client.  We will break into teams of three or four people each, with client deliverables to include at least an oral presentation and a written report.  More details will be distributed later in the course.  One of our class periods might be replaced with a field trip tour client facilities.

    6. Attendance :

      Students are expected to attend and participate in all class sessions.  Class sessions will be conducted in the style of a seminar.  Weekly assignments will be part of class discussion; assignments are therefore due in class and might not be accepted otherwise.  Exams will be based in large part on issues discussed in class. 

    7. Evaluation Methods :

      Students will be evaluated on the basis of performance on two tests (33%), weekly submissions of a service encounter diary (10%), weekly written summaries of assigned readings (10%), a content analysis of customer comments (10%), a web usability study (10%), a team written consulting report (17%), and a team consulting presentation (10%). 

    8. Grading System :

      Final grades will be based on the following totals:

       A=540-600 points
        60=Service Encounter Diary
        60=Article Summaries
        60=Customer Comment Content Analysis
        60=Web Usability Study
       100=Midterm Exam
       100=Final Exam
       100=Written Consulting Report
        60=Consulting Presentation

    9. University Academic Integrity Statement:
      "Academic honesty is expected of students enrolled in this course.  Cheating on examinations, unauthorized collaboration, falsification of research data, plagiarism, and undocumented use of materials from any source constitute academic dishonesty and may be grounds for a grade of 'F' in the course and/or disciplinary actions.  For additional information, see the university catalog."

    10. University Disability Accommodations Statement:
      "Students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations through the A&M-Texarkana Disability Services Office by calling 903-223-3062."

    11. University Email Address Statement:
      "Upon application to Texas A&M University-Texarkana an individual will be assigned an A&M-Texarkana email account.  This email account will be used to deliver official university correspondence.  Each individual is responsible for information sent and received via the university email account and is expected to check the official A&M-Texarkana email account on a frequent and consistent basis.  Faculty and students are required to utilize the university email account when communicating about coursework."

    12. "At the completion of your degree TAMU-T graduate students should be proficient in several areas.  You can access these goals at: www.tamut.edu/cob."