MKT 521W - SP2014

Three exams are scheduled at five week intervals, with the first to be taken in the fifth week.  Exams are taken on Blackboard.  Three projects are scheduled at four week intervals, submitted through Blackboard as document files in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format. 

Additionally, you are expected to periodically (a few times per week) visit the class discussion board on Blackboard.  You are expected to post on the Roll Call thread once each each week.  Discussions will be associated with issues of the projects and the exams, and failure to be a regular and active participant will probably impact your performance on these assignments.  Anything addressed in these class discussions is "fair game" for exam questions and project expectations.

  • Roll Call EACH week of the semester: Post on the Roll Call thread on the course discussion board before each week ends on Sunday at 11:59 PM.  Failure to post attendance on the discussion board may result in being dropped from the course for non-attendance.  Although you only need to sign the attendance sheet once per week, you are expected to stay up to date with ongoing class discussions by checking several times per week.
  • Project 1, Sales Forecast Memo before 11:59 PM (midnight) Wednesday, 5 FEB (Week 4).
  • Exam 1, 13-16 FEB, noon Thursday to midnight Sunday (Week 5).
  • Project 2, Value of a Customer Memo before 11:59 PM (midnight) Wednesday, 5 MAR (Week 8).
  • Exam 2, 27-30 MAR, noon Thursday to midnight Sunday (Week 10).
  • Project 3, Sales Promotion Break Even Analysis before 11:59 PM (midnight) Tuesday, 16 APR (Week 13).
  • Exam 3, 1-4 MAY, noon Thursday to midnight Sunday (Week 15).