Customer Comment Content Analysis
due in class in two weeks

Visit and do a content analysis of customer comments on the Perot Theater.  Click HERE to directly reach the correct page. 

Your analysis must not be anecdotal, but must be based on an analysis that is substantiated with the spreadsheet method that was discussed in class.  The objective of this research is to determine what factors cause a person's visit to the Perot Theater to be a memorable experience (whether good or bad).  Your report should end with recommendations regarding what should be emphasized to ensure a memorable positive experience at the Perot Theater. 

Do an analysis of the all usable comments that are posted. 

Your report must indicate how many reviews were skipped and why they were skipped (discussed in the methodology section).  For example, a review written by an employee or someone otherwise having an association other than as a customer should be skipped as potentially biased. 

Your report must include the following format, not necessarily with any sort of headings:

  1. objectives of the research

  2. source of the data

  3. discussion of the methodology

  4. discussion of the findings

  5. discussion of the conclusions and recommendations

The report should not include or refer to the spreadsheet itself; the spreadsheet is merely a working document that is a tool to assist in your analysis.  That is, the report should be understandable without your spreadsheet and your report should not refer the reader to your spreadsheet. 

However, your spreadsheet must be readily available if a research client wants to see it and absolutely must be submitted to me as your immediate supervisor.  That is, for the sake of grading your report for this class, you must submit your spreadsheet as a separate (independent) document

You are encouraged to collaborate with other members of the class to compile a spreadsheet used to sort and count data.  HOWEVER, the analysis and final report submission is to be your own individual work; cheating will be assumed if any parts of any two reports look the same.