Exam 1
due at the end of class 24 FEB

You may either hand-write with pencil and paper during the scheduled class period and submit your exam during the class period, or you many prepare your exam during the week and submit a type-written document electronically by 9:00 PM on class day (do not have to be physically present in class).  If you submit a pre-prepared exam, it must be typewritten and must be no more than five double-spaced typed pages.  BE SURE THAT YOUR NAME IS ON THE TOP OF YOUR SUBMISSION DOCUMENT!  I can only open and print two file types: MS Word .doc format and Adobe PDF .pdf format.  Any other format will be rejected.


By the time you submit this exam, we will have discussed scholarly journal articles that span a time period from the 1930s to 2000s.  From a practitioner's perspective, what is it that we now know about services products that was previously so elusive?  That is, what do we now know that makes us better able to market and manage service products? 

Using only the articles that we have discussed and concepts from the textbook, list and discuss specific concepts that give us a better understanding of how services marketing and management work.  Your discussion should be written so that a practitioner could gain some useful ideas; this should not be a "theoretical" discussion.

When writing your report, be sure to consider the full range of issues that we have discussed in this class.  Do not "shoot from the hip"; be specific about factors which are in agreement with the perspectives in our journal article readings, our textbook, and our class discussions.  This is not a research project, and using more information than would already be available if you were taking the exam in class will probably not help you.