Texas A&M University-Texarkana MKT 363
Marketing Principles


Summer 2003

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  1. FACULTY :

    Instructor : Dr. Robert S. Owen
    Office : 215 Academic Building
    Office phone : (903) 223-3010
    Department phone : (903) 223-3020 (Loretta Williams)
    Fax : (903) 223-3121
    Email : robert(dot)owen(at)tamut(dot)edu
    Web site : www.tamut.edu/~bowen/
    Office Hours : 5:00-6:00 MW, 4:30-5:25 TR

  2. COURSE :

    1. Meeting Time and Place :
      5:30-10:00 TR, ACAD 255

    2. Course Material :
      Textbook :
      Evans & Berman (2002), Marketing in the 21st Century
      (8th Edition).  Atomic Dog Publishing.
      Materials :
      Access to the World Wide Web is required.

    3. Course Objectives :
      Throughout this course, students should be able to demonstrate:
      • knowledge and understanding of marketing concepts and terminology which form the foundation for advanced coursework and practice in business
      • awareness of the relevance of marketing theory within the environment
      • the ability to analyze marketing problems and situations
      • the ability to work as a member of a team
      • the ability to present analyses in written and oral form
        as a team member

    4. Major Topics :
      These are approximate dates. 

      Class 1
      8 JUL


      Class 2
      10 JUL
      • marketing strategy - Ch. 3, 22
      • internet marketing strategies - Ch. 7
      • class client visit
      • team meeting


      Class 3
      15 JUL


      Class 4
      17 JUL


      Class 5
      22 JUL


      Class 6
      24 JUL


      Class 7
      29 JUL


      Class 8
      31 JUL


      Class 9
      5 AUG
      • public policy, ethics, and social responsibility - Ch. 5
      • global marketing - Ch. 6
      • WRITTEN REPORT DUE (90 points; higher scores expected)


      Class 10
      7 AUG
        Presentations to Class Client (90 points)
      • EXAM 2 (150 points)


    5. Term Project :
      We will be doing a situation analysis for a class client.  Details are in a separate document.  Students will be working in teams of about four or five.  The final deliverable product of each team's consulting efforts will be a written environmental assessment (probably around fifteen or twenty pages) and a formal presentation to the client. 

    6. Attendance :
      Students are expected to attend and participate in all class sessions.  Exams will be based in large part on issues discussed in class.  Team meetings will be a formal part of our class meetings, and students who are not present to complete graded assignments associated with these meetings will be compensated with a score of zero for that day of work.

    7. Evaluation Methods :
      Students will be evaluated on the basis of performance on two in-class exams (50%, individual), in-class meetings with a consulting team (10%), a team written draft consulting report (10%), a team written final consulting report (15%), and a team oral consulting presentation (15%).  Scores on the team written and oral work may be adjusted by ratings that each team member makes of each colleague.

    8. Grading System :
      Final grades will be based on the following totals in points:
       A=540-600 points
       150=Exam 1
       150=Exam 2
        60=In-class Team Meetings
        60=Draft Team Report
        90=Final Team Report
        90=Team Presentation