Robert Owen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
College of Business, Texas A&M University-Texarkana
(903) 223-3010

Learning Outcome:

We will focus primarily on how service products are produced to best meet customer needs and wants; less of our focus will be on how to deal with a dis-satisfied customer after the product has been produced and consumed.  My expectation is that at the end, participants will have formulated a strategy and tactics that could be implemented in their own departments or divisions.

Tentative Outline:

This is the outline as originally proposed.  Below the outline is a list of links to materials to be used for each week.  We will deviate from this proposal as needed to suit the needs of those in attendance.  The list link will, therefore, be created for each week only after the completion of the prior week; look for new materials on about Thursday of each week.

  1. Introduction to Service as a Product and a Production Process (31 JUL)
    Marketing mix; environmental and competitive analysis; exchange process; product value; customer satisfaction; product evaluation; distinguishing characteristics of service products; capacity management; de-marketing; lifetime value of a customer evaluation; service flowcharting.
  2. Managing the Service Encounter (7 AUG)
    Customer contact; boundary spanning employees; customer as co-producer; customer evaluation of services; customer comment analysis; customer misbehavior; gap analysis; internal marketing; service guarantees.
  3. Service Product Design, Production, and Delivery (14 AUG)
    Perceptual mapping; product positioning and repositioning; frontline vs. back room operations; service blueprinting.
  4. Presentation of Strategies and Tactics (21 AUG)
    Brief informal, non-written, non-mandatory sharing of ideas compiled from tools that have been used in previous sessions.  These could include an environmental assessment, perceptual mapping, gap analysis, customer analysis, flowcharting, blueprinting.


31 JUL:

7 AUG:

14 AUG:

21 AUG: