EXAM 1, due in class (paper copy), Monday, 29 JUL 13.

One potential class client several years ago was someone who bought a building in the vicinity of downtown Texarkana.  The building owner already had some general ideas for using the building and was in the early stages of building renovation.  We had talked a few times about using my classes to conduct a rough break-even analysis for these possible business ideas, but we never followed through on that project.  What I am asking you to do for this exam, then, is to write a report that would act as a fact finder or guideline for questions that we need to ask in order to conduct a situation analysis for this or any other potential marketing client that a marketing consultant might have.  That is, your set of questions must be general enough that they would cover any sort of sitution (especially including this one).

Those of us who are enthusiastic about downtown revitalization very much liked the owners' vision for the building, and that gave the owner some confidence that the proposed product portfolio for the building wass a good idea.  As you have hopefully learned from this course, however, that is a false kind of confidence; reliance on mere emotion and hopeful thinking carries a high risk of failure.  Interest had been expressed in using our business school classes to conduct formal, systematic analyses that would be helpful in confirming (or not) the viability of the owner's portfolio strategy.

  1. Write a report that includes a list of the ten (10, no more, no less) most important questions that one should ask when meeting with this or any other potential marketing cleint. 

  2. Justify each question: provide a rationale for each question as to why this is an important question. 

  3. Justify the entire set of questions by explaining why your list is a complete set for meeting my objectives of conducting a situation analysis that results in the recommendation of a general strategy.

You have a SIX (6) page limit (single spaced) to write this report.  Note that issues of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and such are important considerations in your professor's evaluation. 

Include a cover page as the LAST page of your submission.  This cover page must list your name.  Do not put your name anywhere else on the report - this is to assist me in "blind" assessment of student submissions.  Do be sure that your report pages are stapled (in correct order).

This is not a research project; you are being asked to advise on information collection, not to collect any information.  You should be able to write this report in the normal amount of time that is allotted to a single class period using only our class discussions and materials that have been used in this course (including readings assigned on the syllabus).  Importantly, you are expected to base your report on issues that have been discussed in class; "shooting from the hip" is likely to result in a failing grade.  You are writing this report as a professional proposal to me; quoting or citing a textbook, a website, or me is inappropriate.