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Associate Professor of Marketing
321F University Center
(903) 223-3010

Summer II 2016
MKT 363E Marketing Wed. 6:00-8:45 + Blackboard (Web enhanced)
MKT 521E Marketing Management (grad) Mon. 6:00-8:45 + Blackboard (Web enhanced)
  Office Hours 3:00-6:00 MW
  Twitter updates (r u in?) twitter.com/robertowenphd

Course Projects:
For local research projects, start with the Texarkana MSA research portal at TexarkanaMSA.org.  For non-local projects and businesses, see the marketing research portal at SyKronix.com

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  • MKT 363 Marketing (Principles)
  • MKT 365 Salesmanship (no longer in catalog)
  • MKT 436 Marketing Research
  • MKT 465 Sales Management
  • MKT 467 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 505 Services Marketing (grad)
  • MKT 521 Marketing Management (grad)

My primary research background is in the area of engineering psychology; my work in the area of "information overload" is cited in consumer psychology textbooks.  I have also done work in the areas of post-sale product service, macromarketing strategy, and computer aided instruction.  More details can be found on my full vita and rolling 5-year AACSB vita.  Links to many published articles can be found on my Google Scholar citations page.

Recent Publications:

Academic Journals

Book Chapters

  • Owen, Robert S. (2009), "Marketing Vulnerabilities in an Age of Online Commerce."  Chapter in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition, Vol. 4, 2525-2529. 

  • Owen, Robert S., & Bosede Aworuwa (2009), "Contemporary Instructional Design."  Chapter in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition, Vol. 2, 728-731.  Updated version of chapter previously titled "Programmed Instruction, Programmed Branching, and Learning Outcomes" in the original edition.

  • Aworuwa, Bosede & Robert S. Owen (2009), "Learning Outcomes Across Instructional Delivery Modes."  In Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition, Vol. 3, 1363-1368.  Updated version of chapter previously titled "Instructional Delivery and Learning Outcomes in Distance Learning" in original Encyclopedia of Distance Learning.

  • Owen, Robert S., & Bosede Aworuwa (2008), "Programmed Instruction, Programmed Branching, and Learning Outcomes."  Chapter in Online and Distance Learning: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Vol. 5, 2596-2601.  Reprinted by publisher from chapter in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology)

  • Owen, Robert S. (2008), "Infrastructures of Cyber Warfare."  Chapter in Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism, 35-41. 

  • Owen, Robert S. (2007), "Mouse Tracking to Assess Enterprise Portal Efficiency."  Chapter in Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications, 632-636. 


  • Owen, Robert S. (2009), "Reporting Physical Measures that Imply Information Processing."  Proceedings of First Annual Business Conference.  Sam Houston State University.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2007), "Who is a Business Doctor."  Developments in Marketing Science, 30, 283-287.  Academy of Marketing Science.

Academic Conference Presentations

  • "Salespeople as Corporate Psychopaths." Presentation at the Academy of Business Research Spring 2012 International Conference, New Orleans, 14-16 MAR 2012.
  • "A Model for the Diffusion of Persuasive Technology." Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference on Persuasive Technology, The Ohio State University, 2-5 JUN 2011.

Trade Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

  • Owen, Robert S. (2012), "Decline of the American Middle Class," Texarkana Gazette, 27 AUG.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2012), "The Easter Bunny, Chicks, and Snakes Dressed as Sheep," Texarkana Gazette, 25 MAR.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2011), "The Monster Behind the Marketer's Mask," Texarkana Gazette, 9 OCT 2011.  [reprint]

  • Owen, Robert S. (2011), "The Global Diploma Competition," Texarkana Gazette, 27 FEB 2011. 

  • Owen, Robert S. (2010), "Lifetime Value of a Customer," Texarkana Gazette, 7 NOV 2010.  [reprint]

  • "Priorities and the Marketing Concept," Texarkana Gazette, 29 AUG 2010.  [reprint]

  • "Let's Keep American Universities at the Top of the World" Texarkana Gazette, 20 DEC 2009.  [reprint]

  • "American Common Sense" Texarkana Gazette, 25 OCT 2009.  [reprint]

  • "Lazy Americans? Enjoy Your Summer!" Texarkana Gazette, 5 JUL 2009.  [reprint]

  • "So You're Thinking of Returning to College," Texarkana Gazette, 12 APR 2009.  [reprint]

  • "Effects of a New University on Local Real Estate and Business Opportunities," TREMA Report, 2008 Q4.

  • "What’s for Sale in Texarkana, USA?," TREMA Report, 2008 Q3.

  • "Our Next President is a Product?," Texarkana Gazette, 26 OCT 2008.  [reprint]

  • "Downtown Texarkana: Are We There Yet?," Texarkana Gazette, 8 JUN 2008.  [reprint]



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Associate Professor of Marketing
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