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Student FAQs

I haven’t been on campus since Spring Break. Is there anything I should know?

YES! All students should read the Student Guide to Returning to Campus. It contains valuable information about new regulations and requirements for the fall semester, has information about BLV move in day, the face covering requirement, course offerings and more. It is updated regularly and can be found online on our COVID-19 web page. Visit www.tamut.edu/covid-19 for details.

Will I be required to wear a face covering on campus?

Yes. Face coverings are required in public settings for all students, employees, and visitors while on property owned, leased, or controlled by the university. A public setting is any indoor space other than one’s own private office, residence, or personal vehicle. Face coverings must also be worn in private areas when occupied by more than one person. Public settings include but are not limited to lobbies, restrooms, cafeterias, classrooms, computer or other laboratory spaces, study areas, hallways, elevators, common spaces of residence halls, conference rooms, and break rooms. Face coverings are also required in outdoor areas where a 6-foot social distancing perimeter between people cannot be maintained. To view the university requirements on face coverings see the Student Guide to Returning to Campus at www.tamut.edu/covid-19.

Will students be tested for COVID-19?

Students do not have to be tested prior to returning to campus. Students will have to complete COVID-19 training prior to coming on campus and are required to self-monitor for symptoms daily.

The Texas A&M University System has provided a limited number of tests to each campus to use to ensure the health and wellbeing of the campus community. Students who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have had exposure to a person known to have been diagnosed with COVID-19 need to schedule a test by using TAMUT’s online testing portal at www.tamut.edu/covid-19. For questions about testing contact Matt Pope, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, at ehs@tamut.edu. Testing should not be performed until at least 3, or as many as 7, days have passed since exposure as the individual may not have developed enough virus to give an accurate test result.

Any student who is tested for COVID-19 must immediately report the testing via TAMUT’s COVID-19 Reporting Portal at https://it-lf-ecmf2.ads.tamu.edu/Forms/COV19 

For questions about reporting contact Jill Whittington, Director of Compliance, at jill.whittington@tamut.edu or (903) 334-6755.

What if I’m exposed to someone with COVID-19?

Individuals who have been exposed to an individual who has a known diagnosis of COVID-19 will be required to quarantine in accordance with CDC guidelines. Exposure is defined as close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes), physical contact (hugging, touching, kissing), providing at home care for someone who is sick, sharing eating/drinking utensils, or having been coughed or sneezed on. As of this writing, quarantine is for 14 days from last exposure. Note this means that roommates or members of the same household may have extended quarantine periods if they cannot fully isolate from the diagnosed individual. If at the end of quarantine, individual is without symptom, they may return to work/class. If during quarantine, the individual develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should be tested to confirm a diagnosis, at which time self-isolation as appropriate for an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 would begin. Quarantine means to remove yourself from further exposure by staying home and isolated from others while monitoring for symptoms. Those in quarantine should not be going to work/class or out in public.

Any student who believes they may have been exposed to someone with a diagnosis of COVID-19 must immediately report the exposure via TAMUT’s COVID-19 Reporting Portal at https://it-lf-ecmf2.ads.tamu.edu/Forms/COV19. For questions about reporting contact Jill Whittington, Director of Compliance, at jill.whittington@tamut.edu or (903) 334-6755.

If I live in BLV and have to quarantine due to exposure, will I be able to quarantine in BLV?

The university will identify living spaces on and/or off campus to be used for quarantine and isolation purposes based on availability. However, students need to be prepared to move home for quarantine and isolation, if possible.

What measures are in place to clean/disinfect campus buildings?

The university has added free-standing and wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations throughout campus. In areas with increased traffic there are bottles of hand sanitizer in place and disinfecting wipes to use on common surfaces. The custodial crew will be disinfecting contact surfaces, elevators, hallways, stairways, offices, restrooms, classrooms and break rooms using their daily cleaning routine. They will periodically spray disinfectant in high traffic areas like lobbies and break rooms. Classrooms will be disinfected with the spray daily and sanitizing wipes will be placed in all classrooms.

Has the university taken steps to have better ventilation indoors?

Yes. We have adjusted the HVAC systems in all buildings to allow the maximum amount of fresh air to enter the buildings.

What do December graduates do about Commencement?

The next commencement ceremony is scheduled for May 2021. December graduates must apply to graduate by September 15, 2020. They will be able to sign up for the May commencement ceremony at that time.

Will the Eagle Pantry be open in the fall?

Yes. Located in SCIT 114 the Eagle Pantry feeds student success by providing essential non-perishable and personal hygiene items to students in need. The pantry is available to any student in need. All you need to provide is your current student ID card. 

Dates/Hours of Operation:

September 14 | 12-6pm
September 28 | 12-6pm
October 12 | 12-6pm
October 26 | 12-6pm
November 9 | 12-6pm
November 23 | 12-6pm

Need help outside of our monthly distribution? Email us at foodpantry@tamut.edu

Interested in sponsoring or making a monetary donation? Click here

Will student dining be open during the fall?

Yes. The dining hall will be open, but seating will be limited by social distancing guidelines. Self-serve food items may not be available.

Will final exams be online this semester?

Yes. All classes after the Thanksgiving break will be online, and finals will be completed online as well.

How will online classes affect education students who are student teaching or completing observation hours?

Please contact the education department for information on student teaching or classroom observations. Please email Abbie Strunc at astrunc@tamut.edu.

How will online classes affect internships?

Please contact the professor who supervises your internship. They are making arrangements to assist you going forward.

What about library books that are due? Will there be fines?

There will not be fines issued for late library books. You may contact the library if you have outstanding books and they can arrange a drop off.

Will admissions applications be processed and notified as normal?

Yes! We are proceeding as normal with recruiting and accepting the next class of Eagles.

Will the fall athletic season being postponed affect athletic scholarships?

No. Athletic scholarships will not be affected.

How will students be advised and registered for the fall semester?

Our advisors are available to students both online and face-to-face. If you need to visit with an advisor, an appointment is required.  Students can make appointments through EagleCONNECT, or by sending a message to advising@tamut.edu, or by calling 903-334-6758. 

How do I receive Student Support Services online?

We are here to help!  To receive student support services such as tutoring, advising, and coaching please continue using the same steps in EagleCONNECT to make an appointment. In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, appointments are required for all services. We are available for online and face-to-face meetings. There are many additional helpful links for services and support available to students on our Keep Learning web page, www.tamut.edu/keeplearning. For additional information contact the Success Center at tutors@tamut.edu or (903) 334-6758.

Will counseling services be available?

Yes. Counseling services will be available from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. throughout the summer and fall. The majority of sessions will remain online as tele-health, but some face to face services will be available. The Counseling Services cell number is: 903-276-8276. For more tips on managing anxiety and stress during an infectious disease outbreak, visit the CDC website.

I'm a student. Can I add my Acemail account to my mobile phone or other mobile device?

Yes! See Setting up Student Email for instructions.

Where can students find computer help on campus?

The IT Service Desk is your go-to place for computer help while on, or off, campus. The IT Service Desk is located in UC257. You can call the IT Service Desk at 903-334-6603; you can email the IT Service Desk at isite@tamut.edu, and you can submit a support request via iSITE. During the COViD-19 campus closure, the IT Service Desk is remotely and virtually maintaining normal hours of operation:

• Monday - Thursday              8:00 a.m. - 8:45 p.m.
• Friday                                8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
• Saturday                            9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

I'm an enrolled student. I'm logged into Blackboard, and I can't see any of my courses.

Blackboard courses are not available until the first day of the semester. If the first day of the semester has passed, and you still can't see your courses, please submit an iSITE support request.

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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