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BlendFlex Classroom Technology Quick Start Guide

  1. Login to the computer as you normally would.
  2. Turn on the display using the wall panel.
  3. Select PC from the wall panel.

 Press the PC button on the classroom wall controller

  1. Start a Zoom Meeting.
  2. Join computer audio.

 Once the Zoom meeting opens, select Join with Computer Audio on the dialog box that pops up.

  1. Verify your Audio Settings.
  2. Notify students in room and online that the meeting will be recorded. Start recording to the cloud or the computer.
  3. Share your screen.
  4. Open PowerPoint or Doc Camera applications to share with students in the classroom and online.
  5. Use remote to control camera pan, tilt, zoom, etc.
  6. Moderate the online classroom.
  7. After class, end the recording.
  8. After finishing any outside business with online students, end the meeting.
  9. Move computer recording to thumb drive, if applicable.
  10. Turn off display using wall panel.
  11. Sign out of computer.

Having trouble? Check out this Troubleshooting Guide!

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