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Exempt Purchases

Exempt Purchases are goods and/or services exempt from competitive bidding requirements and may be purchased in accordance with delegated departmental purchases regardless of dollar amount.  Many of the Exempt Purchases can be entered into FAMIS as Exempt Purchase Orders ("E" numbers).  For clarification as to the process, feel free to contact the Director of Purchasing. 

The Director of Purchasing has the discretion to exempt any purchase.  The Director of Purchasing must provide written documentation stating why the purchase is exempt from competitive bidding. 

The following goods and/or services are classified as exempt purchases:

  1. Conference Expenses; expenses related to conference room services such as audio/visual/network and food services. (Does not include goods purchased for attendees or transportation services).

  2. Hotels and Conference Rooms (Exception: Hotel rooms for programs and conferences that are regularly scheduled throughout the year are not exempt. Example of exception: A&M-Texarkana department hosts seminars/workshops throughout the year and is responsible for making lodging accommodations for the participants. This service shall be purchased using a purchase order and is not exempt if the projected costs exceed your delegated authority of $3,000). (See TAMU University Rule 25.07.99.M1:  Contract Administration, Section 1.4).

  3. Library materials specific for Texas A&M University Libraries.

  4. Moving Expenses (employee) Institutional funds only.

  5. Lecturers/Guest Speakers/Entertainers

  6. Student Travel

  7. Legislative information services; bill analysis services.

  8. Membership fees and dues

  9. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions direct from the publisher.

  10. Freight/Delivery Services

  11. Postage

  12. Services provided by other State of Texas agencies, TAMUS Components or by other local governments (Inter-agency and Inter-local agreements must be reviewed by the Vice President of Finance & Administration (Contracting Office).

  13. Intra-agency payments.

  14. Registration fees and associated books and materials.

  15. Rental of exhibit space (such as booths for display purposes).

  16. Goods and Services provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

  17. Goods and Services provided by the Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped

  18. Internal Repairs

  19. Insurance Premiums

  20. Purchases from Federal Agencies

  21. Utilities

  22. Purchase of Livestock

  23. Catering Services (On-Campus Food Services Vendor)

  24. Direct Publications:  Publications, Trade Periodicals, Magazines from Publisher Only (not from bookstores or another reseller)


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