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Q. Who does the State of Texas consider a HUB vendor?

A. A HUB is a vendor who operates a business in Texas and is 51% or more owned by a minority, woman or Service Disabled Veteran.

Q. How much money is needed to be a certified HUB vendor?

A. The HUB application is free.

Q. Where do I mail my HUB application?

A. The HUB application is mailed to the Comptroller's Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) Division. The address is on the application.

Q. How longs does the HUB application take to process?

A. The HUB application takes about 60 days to process.

Q. Once I am HUB certified, am I certified for life?

A. No, you must renew your HUB certification annually.  TPASS will send a renewal notification prior to the expiration.

Q. Does HUB certification automatically list my business on the CMBL?

A. No, a separate application for CMBL listing is needed.

Q. Is the CMBL application free, like the HUB application?

A. No, there is a $70.00 annual fee for being listed on the CMBL.

Q. Are state agencies and institutions of higher education required to buy from a HUB vendor?

A. No, state agencies and institution of higher education are required to show a good faith effort with solicitation and contracting with HUB vendors.

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