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Code of Ethical Conduct

Board members and system employees:

(a) shall be honest and ethical in their conduct and the performance of their duties;

(b) shall adhere to all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, system policies and regulations, and member rules and procedures;

(c) shall protect and conserve system resources and shall not use them for unauthorized activities;

(d) shall endeavor to avoid any actions that would create the appearance that they are violating the law, system policies and regulations or member rules and procedures;

(e) shall not hold direct or indirect financial interests or other interests that are in conflict with the conscientious performance of their official duties and responsibilities;

(f) shall not engage in any financial transaction in order to further any private interest using nonpublic information which they obtain in the course of their employment;

(g) shall not make unauthorized commitments or promises of any kind purporting to bind the system;

(h) shall not use their public offices for private gain;

(i) shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private or public organization or individual;

(j) shall not act as agents for another person in the negotiation of the terms of any agreement relating to the provision of money, services, or property to the system or any of its members;

(k) shall not engage in outside employment or activities, including seeking or negotiating for employment, that conflict with official duties and responsibilities, i.e., conflicts of commitment;

(l) shall promptly disclose fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in accordance with System Policy 10.02, Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse;

(m) shall strictly adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations, system policies and regulations, and member rules and procedures regarding sexual harassment and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity; and

(n) shall be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal upon violation of any of the foregoing.

See System Policy 07.01, Ethics  for more information.

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