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Staff Council is here to represent all staff and their concerns, ideas, and suggestions. Here are some suggestions we have received that we are able to give an update and follow up on. Please look back for updates and new suggestions as they come in. Due to the nature of some suggestions, we are unable to post all replies to suggestions but Staff Council does care about your suggestions and we do what we can with them. (Some suggestions are paraphrased for space.)

Suggestion: Enterprise Carshare for the students. This was a wonderful suggestion about allowing students the opportunity to rent out our Enterprise cars to do things such as grocery shop for those on campus who do not have reliable transportation.

Staff Council Response: We are looking into this. We have brought it to SGA and they are looking into whether this would be something our students in the dorms would utilize. We recognize there is a transportation issue for our students in the dorm and hope this may be an avenue we are able to pursue.


Suggestion: All Faculty-Staff Emails being sent out. There are a select few that have access to the Faculty-Staff email since this was previously abused. Some departments do not feel they are able to communicate out important information.

Staff Council Response: This is being looked into, but for now our suggestion is for departments to send these type requests to the Communication Office and ask for it to be sent in its own email. This way it won’t get lost among the other information in the Daily Eagle and hopefully it will reach everyone you need. We are aware that some information gets lost, so we are looking into other possible avenues of communication.


Suggestion: Can we please get an ATM on campus?

Staff Council Response: We are reaching out to local credit unions to see if any of them would be interested in partnering with us and putting an ATM on campus.


Suggestion: Can the university provide women's self-defense courses for the women that are faculty/staff?

Staff Council Response: We have located an instructor for a self-defense course. We have surveyed to see how many employees would be interested in taking the course. This course would have to be paid by the person attending, so it would not be free to our employees but they would have the opportunity. Our next step is to set a date and do a contract with the instructor then advertise.


Suggestion: We should have all of spring break off. The students we are serving will not be here.

Staff Council Response: Due to the State law Chapter 662, we are limited to the number of days of holiday we can have. This law also tells us certain days we have to take as a holiday, which limits us. In order to have the full week of Spring Break, we would miss out on some other holidays and possibly not get to enjoy our week between Christmas and New Year’s. You can look at System policy here and our TAMUT policy here. System’s policy has a link to Chapter 662 Texas State Law.


Suggestion: The staff council president and vice president should be an elected position. This position(s) should be elected if it is supposed to be representative of the staff.

Staff Council Response: The president and vice president are voted on, but they are voted on by the staff’s representatives on staff council. The president must be on staff council for at least one (1) year prior to being president, but vice president can be in their first year on staff council. They are not directly voted by employees but by their elected representatives, but that is something we will discuss at our next meeting since we do vote on these positions as well as Secretary and Treasurer in our July meeting.  

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