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Job Search Tips

How do I find a teaching job?

Spring is the time to start your job search for fall.  Please do not limit yourself to just the large districts. There are many smaller districts in our area.  The only limiting factor is it must be an accredited Texas school and you must be within 75 miles of either Texarkana or Mt. Pleasant.

In addition to submitting many applications, plan to attend all job fairs.  Bring plenty of copies of your resumes, dress professional; submit employment applications online prior to attending.  Many of our students have found it helpful to make a professional portfolio.

Career Development Services Spring Events

Career Development Spring Schedule

Employment Applications

Complete ISD applications online:

  • TISD (Texarkana ISD) requires their on application. 
  • School District Websites:  Most of the school districts have their on websites where you may complete their application or follow a link to the Region 8 application.
  • Region 8 EASY Consortium Employment System:  Click on Region 8, then click to view current openings posted on the EASY system.  Most (not all) other school districts accept. 

Job Postings

You may view jobs postings on below websites.

  • ISD Websites - Post job openings on their on website and Region 8.  Link to many ISD Websites.
  • Region 8 - Even districts that do not accept the Region 8 application usually post job opening on this website. In additional to job postings, there are links to Additional Employment Information & Sites.  Region 8
(Many schools accept Region 8's Job Application and most post job openings on this site.)

Check individual school websites for their job applications and postings.


For resume assistance, please contact our Eagle Career Center.  To schedule an appointment, email career.services@tamut.edu or call 903-223-1366 for résumé reviews, mock interviews, and job fair preparation tips. Walk-ins welcome.

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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