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TAMUT Counseling faculty have a wide breadth of experience in the field and in the classroom. Each of our Counseling faculty have over 10 years of teaching experience; combined they have over 100 years of classroom teaching experience. Their research areas include: emotional intelligence, domestic violence, grief, substance abuse, correctional counseling, intergroup relations, and others. Our faculty is committed to providing students with a quality education based upon academic rigor and integrity.

Tommie HughesDr. Tommie Hughes, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, teaches Behavioral Disorders, Clinical Assessment, Psychology of Personality, and oversees Practicum and Internship. She is a clinician who has worked at Glen Oaks Private Psychiatric Hospital, Louisiana State Hospital, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and in private practice. Her research interests include: emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence and social media, stress and support, kindness and life satisfaction, and personality traits. Dr. Hughes completed her Pd.D. in Psychology/Behavior Medicine.
Office: University Center 219
Phone: (903) 223-3016
Email: tommie.hughes@tamut.edu

Enobong InyangDr. Enobong Inyang, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, teaches Counseling Theories, Counseling the Abuser, Counseling Diverse Populations, and Career Development. He taught courses at Marshall University in West Virginia including Marriage & Family, Consultation, Correctional Counseling, Practicum, and Internship. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) with nearly twenty years experience. His research interests include: the application of empowerment and resiliency approaches with various populations: victims of human trafficking, children of incarcerated parents, veterans and military families and victims of workplace mobbing; and the integration of spirituality and religion into the counseling process. Dr. Inyang earned his PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Sam Houston State University. Previously, Dr. Inyang worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice counseling offenders with substance dependency problems and counseling sex offenders. He is also President-elect for the Texas Mental Health Counseling Association (TMHCA).
Office: University Center 206
Phone: (903) 223-3011
Email: enobong.inyang@tamut.edu

dana leightonDr. Dana Leighton, Assistant Professor of Psychology, teaches Psychology of Addiction, Lifespan Growth and Development, and Research Literature and Techniques. He is social psychologist with interests in intergroup relations, peace and conflict, and scholarship in teaching and learning. He completed his PhD at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Leighton’s Peace and Justice Psychology Lab does research into stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, and the basis of peaceful and violent conflict resolution, and has begun a line of research on trust and its effects on intergroup relations.
Office: University Center 201
Phone: (903) 334-6627
Email: dleighton@tamut.edu

peter racheotesDr. Peter Racheotes, Professor of Counseling and Psychology, teaches Marriage and Family Therapy, Human Sexual Behavior, Group Procedures, Human Growth and Development, and Internship. He works as a therapist and group facilitator in the Batterer’s Intervention program with Domestic Violence Prevention in Texarkana. He attained his Ed.D. in Counseling Education from the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Racheotes studied with Master & Johnson at the Reproductive Biology & Research Foundation in St. Louis. He also worked with Virginia Satir while teaching in Canada. Furthermore, he worked with Salvador Minuchin at the Menniger Clinic.  
Office: University Center 245
Phone: (903) 223-3027
Email: peter.racheotes@tamut.edu

angela sikorskiDr. Angie Sikorski, Assistant Professor of Psychology, teaches Learning and Behavior, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and Brain and Behavior. She is a neuroscientist with interests in studying the extent to which experience alters brain morphology, learning and memory, as well as the teaching of psychology. She completed her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Dr. Sikorski recruits exceptional students to assist her with her research. To date, over a dozen students who have worked with her have co-authored presentations both locally and nationally.
Office: University Center 202
Phone: (903) 223-3018
Email: angela.sikorski@tamut.edu

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