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The History Department in the News

Below are some links to recent news articles featuring our faculty and students:

Dr. Nakashian appeared as a guest on a podcasts from Medievalists.net, the most popular website dedicated to medieval studies, to discuss his work on medieval warrior clerics. http://www.medievalists.net/2019/04/saving-souls-and-cracking-skulls-warrior-clerics-with-craig-nakashian/

Listen to Dr. Andrew McGregor (Visiting Assistant Professor of History) discuss the life and career of Amelia Earhart, as well as their personal connections. As a historian educated at Purdue where she worked, and his father's connection to her hometonw of Atchison, KS. You can hear how he connects family history, local history, and national history events in his courses. https://www.chasingearhart.com/blog/vanished-amelia-earhart-part-six-the-start-of-something-new

Listen to Dr. Andrew McGregor (Visiting Assistant Professor of History) as a guest on ABC News Australia's "The Ticket" podcast. The episode discusses the athletic career of Native American Olympian Jim Thorpe, who some consider one of the great athletes in the world. The hour-long episode features Dr. McGregor and host Tracey Holmes discussing Thorpe's life and legacy. Listen here- https://abcmedia.akamaized.net/newsradio/audio/201903/r1908184_31338848.mp3

An article on the debate over violence in football in the Washington Post by Visiting Assistant Professor Andrew McGregor (August 2018)

Coverage of the 2nd Annual History Day Competition (February 2018)

Dr. Nakashian on The History Network podcast discussing medieval warrior clerics (September 2017)

Dr. Nakashian's conference on Chivalry and Its Anxieties (June 2017)

Dr. Perri's Public Lecture on desegregation in American education (April 2017)

The publication of Prowess, Piety, and Public Order in Medieval Society, edited by Dr. Nakashian (April 2017)

Dr. Perri's Public Lecture on illegal immigration (April 2017)

Dr. Perri's Public Lecture on perspectives on race and slavery in the 1860s (March 2017)

Coverage of our 1st Annual History Day Competition (2017)

Dr. Nakashian discussing the publication of Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250 (February 2017)

Dr. Perri being named to the Chancellor's Academy of Teacher Educators (February 2017)

Dr. Wagy's Public Lecture on slavery and the Middle Passage (January 2017)

Dr. Nakashian's book- Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250- is released (January 2017)

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