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Here are just a few of our Political Science graduates. If you’d like to be added to this site, let us know!


Christina Cummings, 2020 Graduate


Courtney Duck, 2021 Graduate

“Before I started the internship had planned on practicing corporate law upon my completion of law school. But now after seeing how our justice system works from the inside and the good that can be done, I intend on becoming a prosecutor.” – Courtney Duck, 2021 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate, Law School


Hannah Dyal, 2014 Graduate

“My political science classes at A&M-Texarkana provided an academic background that prepared me for the challenges of law school. Having classes and teachers that allowed for extensive direct professor-student interaction gave me a great foundation for the types of classes I encountered at law school.” – Hannah Dyal, 2014 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate, UT-Austin Law School


Whitney Garrett, 2017 Graduate


Erin Gloster, 2017 Graduate

“Studying the written word from the political perspective made me a better writer by strengthening my eye for detail, interpretation, and critical thinking.” – Erin Gloster, 2017 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate, University of Arkansas Fayetteville Graduate School


Alexander “Austin” Gray, 2016 Graduate


Denver Lockhart, 2020 Graduate

“Through my internship experience, I was able to listen and observe many different viewpoints amongst my community. It is good that people are different and disagree with each other because without this behavior you would have strong groups of people who would infringe on others’ rights and disregard the minority.” – Denver Lockhart, 2020 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate, University of Arkansas School of Law at Little Rock


Brianna O’Shaughnessy, 2021 Graduate


Jean-Luc Perez, 2019 Graduate

“I have learned far more about the professional and political realms, and I am excited to keep moving forward in this direction.” – Jean-Luc Perez, 2019 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate


Kevin Taylor, 2022 Graduate



Gary “Clayton” Tinkes, 2009 Graduate

“I learned more than a few things in my political science classes at A&M-Texarkana that I used in law school.  I was especially well-prepared in my knowledge of voting rights and the electoral process.” – G. Clayton Tinkes, 2009 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate, University of Dayton School of Law


Holly Wall, 2013 Graduate


Scott Wilhite, 2022 Graduate

“As someone living in Mount Pleasant who cannot drive to Texarkana several times a week, the Political Science hybrid and web classes allowed me to fulfill my dream of getting a Political Science Bachelor’s degree.” – Scott Wilhite, 2022 A&M-Texarkana Political Science Graduate


Braxton Wood, 2017 Graduate

“The Political Science Pre-Law Internship that I had with the Texarkana City Prosecuting Attorney and Municipal Judge gave me a first-hand opportunity to experience the language and operation of our legal system.  It helped me tremendously prepare for law school.” – Braxton Wood, A&M-Texarkana Political Science Major, Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth

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