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Point 3: Field Experience

Quality field experiences with thorough feedback best prepare teachers for success in the classroom.  The TPP offers ample opportunities for a variety of field experiences (Grade Level and Subject Area) in schools throughout the program. 

Junior Year

During junior year, foundational courses are taught in the lab setting within schools/districts in the region (day course sections only).  The lab setting allows for students to comprehend pedagogy within the actual classroom. These classes support 30 hours of observation  in a variety of setting as required by TEA.

  • ED 321 – 11 hours of field experience
  • ED 311 – 11 hours of field experience

 Senior Year (Block 1 and Block 2)

Starting Fall 2014-15 - Students complete a year-long field experience as a Co-teacher in a classroom with a cooperating teacher trained in the Co-Teaching Model.  Both teacher candidate and cooperating teacher are identified as Co-Teachers in the classroom. The year-long experience provides the teacher candidate with the most beneficial field experience.

Where will I take my courses?

Course Sites: TPP courses are offered online and at the following campuses.

  • Main Campus, University Avenue, Texarkana
  • Northeast Texas Community College

Lab Schools:  Lab Schools are campuses that work closely with the TPP to provide rich, structured, and real-world field experiences for students in conjunction teacher preparation coursework. 

  • Liberty-Eylau ISD
  • Pleasant Grove ISD
  • St. James Day School
  • Texarkana, AR School District
  • Texarkana, TX ISD

Where will I do my Field Experiences?

The TPP partner with following local Texas school districts to train cooperating teachers in the Co-Teaching Model and match with teacher candidates for authentic classroom experiences.

  • Atlanta ISD
  • Chapel Hill ISD
  • Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD
  • Gilmer ISD
  • Hallsville ISD
  • Harleton ISD
  • Harts Bluff
  • Hooks ISD
  • Kilgore ISD
  • Liberty-Eylau ISD
  • Longview ISD
  • Marshall ISD
  • Mt. Pleasant ISD
  • Mt. Vernon  ISD
  • New Boston ISD
  • Pewitt ISD
  • Pittsburg ISD
  • Pleasant Grove ISD
  • Queen City ISD
  • Redwater ISD
  • Texarkana, Texas ISD
  • White Oak ISD
Students: refer to "TPP Handbook" for application deadlines and requirements.


Questions? Call 903/223-3132 or email education@tamut.edu

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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