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Quality Matters Recognized Courses at Texas A&M University - Texarkana

The following courses have completed Quality Matters' rigorous course review process and received recognition as a QM certified course:

QM Recognized Courses
Course Name Instructor Date Recognized
ED506 Clsrm Mgt and Bas Law for Tchr Dr. LuzMary Rincon 2015-09-21
MGT510 Leadership in Management Dr. David Reavis 2015-10-06
BIOL335 Medical Terminology Dr. David Allard 2015-10-13
ED508 Introduction to Teaching Dr. LuzMary Rincon 2015-11-08
HSCI346 Comp & Alternative Health Care Dr. Deborah Holder 2015-12-09
LEAD305 Intro to Ldrshp: Concepts/Prac Kelly Coke, M.S. 2016-04-14
LEAD310 Lead Theory & Practice Kelly Coke, M.S. 2016-08-04
BIOL420 Global Change Dr. David Allard 2016-08-22
BIOL421 Endangered Ecosystems Dr. David Allard 2017-01-30
BE400 Foundations of Bilingual/ESL Education Dr. LuzMary Rincon 2017-04-11
BE472 Dual and Bilingual Language Methods Dr. LuzMary Rincon 2017-04-12
LEAD450 Team Leadership Kelly Coke, M.S. 2017-04-18
LEAD420 Community Leadership Kelly Coke, M.S. 2017-04-21
BIOL422 Atmosphere & Biosphere Dr. David Allard 2017-09-15
CHEM1311 General Chemistry I Dr. Md Kalam 2018-02-10
LEAD415 - Organization Development and Change Kelly Coke, M.S. 2018-03-27
LEAD430 - Leadership and Followership Kelly Coke, M.S. 2018-03-29
LEAD400 - Leadership and Gender Issues Kelly Coke, M.S. 2018-04-18
RDG352 - Literacy Dev in Upper Grades Dr. Laura Currey 2018-05-11
LEAD310 Lead Theory & Practice Jennifer Davis, M.A. 2016-08-04
LEAD310 Lead Theory & Practice Dr. Marlena Ballard 2016-08-04
LEAD310 Lead Theory & Practice Dr. Kathy Allen 2016-08-04
LEAD420 Community Leadership Dr. David Orr 2017-04-21
LEAD415 - Organization Devel & Change Bobby Stearnes, M.S., MBA 2018-03-27
KINE325 - Exercise and Sport Psychology Dr. Jiling Liu 2018-08-13
LEAD305 Intro to Ldrshp: Concepts/Prac Dr. Lila Walker 2016-04-14
LEAD400 - Leadership and Gender Issues Kelly O'Keefe, M.A. 2018-04-09
LEAD450 Team Leadership Kelly O'Keefe, M.A. 2017-04-18
LEAD305 Intro to Ldrshp: Concepts/Prac Dr. Marlena Ballard 2016-04-14
LEAD305 Intro to Ldrshp: Concepts/Prac Dr. Jennifer Davis 2016-04-14
ITED350 Technology and Digital Literacy Dr. Julia Allen 7/29/2019
CS367 Software Engineering Dr. David Reavis 9/20/2019

If you are interested in submitting your course for a Quality Matters Review, please contact your QM Coordinators:




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