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Four Year Plan

Building a career in today’s job market can be challenging—but you don’t have to do it alone. As a Texas A&M-Texarkana student or alumni, you have access to tools, resources, and a dedicated team to help make your career goals a reality. Our Career Development office is here to help you find employment, hone your resume/cover letter, and develop your interview skills.

Don’t wait until graduation—start your professional journey early by following Career Development’s four-year plan for success. Throughout each phase of your undergraduate education, Career Development will take steps with you to help you identify your strengths, explore your opportunities, and help you achieve your career goals.

Get Started

  • Freshman Year – Discover
  • Sophomore Year – Get Involved
  • Junior Year – Experience
  • Senior Year – Transition

Freshman Year – Discover

1. Create your Hire an Eagle account, A&M-Texarkana’s online job database
2. Take the TypeFocus7 Career Assessment to learn how your personality, interest, skills, and values influence career satisfaction
3. Create your Freshman Resume and strive to update it throughout your educational journey
4. Participate in events on campus, including Career Fairs, Etiquette Meals, and Employer Spotlights5. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss how your academic/major plan will lead to your desired career
6. Consider an on-campus or local part-time job, preferably within your major, by using your Hire an Eagle account
7. Read the emails from Career Development

Sophomore Year – Get Involved

1. Update your resume and your Hire an Eagle account
2. Expand your network by continuing to attend our events, including Career Fairs, Etiquette Meals, and Employer Spotlights and developing personal connections with alumni and career event employers through LinkedIn
3.Talk with faculty, career coaches, and academic advisors about career options available through your major
4. Explore study abroad opportunities through International Studies Office

Junior Year – Experience

1. Search for internships or part-time jobs in your field using Hire an Eagle
2. Schedule an appointment with Career Development
  • To talk about your career goals and plan a job search strategy
  • To hone your professional documents (resume, cover letter)
  • To practice your interview skills to build your confidence
3. Look into joining professional organizations
4. Attend Career Development’s events to talk with recruiters about available internship and career opportunities

Senior Year – Transition

1. Search for professional opportunities through Hire an Eagle, LinkedIn, Indeed, industry specific sites, and other online job sites
2. Google yourself to ensure a professional online presence
3.Determine your professional employment references for job applications
4.Continue to grow your network of professional contacts by utilizing LinkedIn
5.Make sure to apply to graduate school before their application deadlines
6. Attend Career Development’s Fall and Spring events, including Career Fairs, Etiquette Meals, Networking Mixers, and Employer Spotlights

To download a printable Four Year Plan, click here

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