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Composition Writing Resources

Welcome to A&M University's composition and writing resource page.   Here you can access an archive of student essays to supplement the examples featured in your composition textbooks.  All works featured on this page were produced by students in English composition 1301 & 1302 with their permission.  Use this page to:

  • Access student essays not featured in print versions of your composition classes
  • Access multimedia projects related to composition texts
  • View student work that makes use of multiple media types
  • Read tips and testimonies from students
  • Access links to helpful resources related to digital media

We hope this page will provide you with a wide variety of approaches that other students like yourself have taken.  We hope that you will also explore these essays on your own as you conceptualize and construct each of your papers.

Comp I

  • History of the Digital Writing Tool   PROMPT   EXAMPLE   TIPS    
  • Defense of a Digital Writing Tool    PROMPT   EXAMPLE   TIPS  
  • Digital Analysis Essay                    PROMPT   EXAMPLE   TIPS
  • Digital Footprint                             PROMPT   EXAMPLE   TIPS  
  • Literacy Narrative Museum            PROMPT   EXAMPLE   TIPS 

Comp II

  • Writing about Writing Project         PROMPT     EXAMPLE     TIPS 
  • Collaborative Design Project         PROMPT     EXAMPLE     TIPS
  • Awareness Campaign Analysis     PROMPT     EXAMPLE     TIPS

Join the Conversation

As you benefit from the voices of your peers, we hope you will consider adding your own voice to the conversation by submitting your own work for consideration. 

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