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Core Complete


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board indicates that students who complete the approved core curriculum at any Texas public institution of higher education must be accepted as core complete at any other Texas public institution.

The requirements to meet this status are as follows:

1. “Core Complete” must be indicated on the official transcript on file within the student’s initial semester of enrollment. Core complete status is not retroactive. Unofficial transcripts or verbal confirmation from the student will not meet this requirement.

2. Core complete status cannot be accepted from schools outside of Texas. Although other states may have an approved statewide core curriculum, core complete status in Texas cannot be granted based on core status from an out‐of‐state institution.

3. Core complete status cannot be accepted from private institutions of higher education in the state of Texas. This rule only applies to students who are indicated to be core complete from Texas public institutions of higher education.

4. Having an Associate’s degree does not confirm a core complete status. It is possible for a student to have earned an Associate’s degree from a Texas public institution of higher education and NOT be core complete. An example of this instance is an Applied Associate’s degree. These students have the degree but have not completed an approved core.

Students who are legitimately core complete at the required time indicated above will not be required to complete ANY additional core curriculum requirements at A&M‐Texarkana. This includes any and all core requirements whether it is Lead 1101 & 1201, Literature, Speech, etc. Students who are not core complete will be required to complete all approved core for A&M-Texarkana. Once they have completed the required A&M‐Texarkana core, they will be indicated as core complete on any official transcript produced by the University and that status will transfer to any other public institution of higher education in Texas.

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