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Hands-on Learning

The Computer Science Program is designed to ensure that CS majors graduate with broad knowledge of computer science discipline including theoretical aspects and ability to solve various real-world problems using methods of algorithm and software through a variety of hands-on experiences.

Specialization in Computer Science starts from the Discrete Structures class, which is the first special class taken by freshman students. In this class, students learn those mathematical fundamentals, which are very important for understanding algorithms, their design, computer organization, and computer programming. During their freshman year students also take Intro to Computer Science, where they learn MATLAB, which is the most popular software system for prototyping and experimental testing of computational algorithms. Students also learn basic approaches to programming using high-level languages. This class opens a series of computer programming classes, which is continued by C++ Programming during the sophomore year. Java Programming, C# Programming, Web Design and Programming, and Software Engineering are offered during the junior and senior years. Students will learn general principles of programming languages in the Programming Languages Design class.

It is important that students take such classes as Calculus I, Calculus II, and Linear Algebra to strength their mathematical background.

Organization of computers, and control over them are studies in the Digital Logic, Computer Architecture, and Operating Systems classes. Fundamentals of algorithms design and methods of evaluation of their efficiency are considered in the Algorithm Analysis class. In the Engineering Computations class, mathematical methods and algorithms for solving different problems are considered. In the Computer Networks class, students learn organization of computer networks. Methods of databases design and different applications of databases are considered in the Database Design and Applications class.

During their senior year CS majors develop their skills working on team and individual projects in the CS Senior Design I and CS Senior Design II, where they can apply their knowledge for solving different real-world problems.

CS majors may also select many elective classes based on their personal interests. These classes cover different cutting edge modern and fundamental topics, such as Neural Networks and Machine Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Automata Theory, Computer Security, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, Computer Game Design and Programming, Information Theory, Signals and Systems, Special Topics, and others.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Students Vist Swepco

A group of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students recently toured the AEP SWEPCO power plant at Fulton, Arkansas.

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