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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering (EE) has changed the way people around the world lead their daily lives. A student in this discipline studies the design of a wide range of electrical and electronic devices facilitating improved living for people around the world. Electrical Engineering covers a broad field of study including areas like control systems, computer systems, networks, telecommunications devices, and power systems. Therefore, an electrical engineer will study and learn the fundamentals of designing an extensive array of devices in a far-reaching spectrum of applications.

Students enrolled in our EE program can expect to learn concepts through experiential learning and will conduct experiments in several laboratories designed to strengthen theoretical knowledge acquired in regular courses. While we provide opportunities typical of large universities, students experience a small campus feel.  Students here are known by their names, and our staff strives to meet students’ individual needs.  Our small class sizes encourage interaction among students and faculty. 

Job opportunities in this field are expansive and growing by virtue of electrical engineers’ versatility in adapting to new and emerging technologies. Graduates will experience a high employment placement rate. In addition, engineering students have a wide range of internship opportunities with local companies.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We welcome you to our program.

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For more information on the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, please contact us at cbet@tamut.edu

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