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College of Business Minors

AACSB Accreditation

A minor from the College of Business accompanies any other major very well! A College of Business minor offers the opportunity for any student not majoring in a business discipline to learn some basics about managing different aspects of a business. Students can choose from three different minors. A student can choose a minor in MIS. In this minor, a student can learn various skills that apply directly to any business including building and managing a website or building and managing a cell phone application. These skills are universally essential for either managing your own business or in working as an employee for a business or company. Another option for students is Supply Chain Management. In this minor, students can learn the basics in managing inventory and quality. These are essential business skills for any business big or small, and these skills are immediately applicable when a student begins employment after graduation. Finally, a student can choose General Business as a minor. In this minor, students learn general skills that can be applied immediately in a wide range of business applications from human resources to entrepreneurship. Below is a listing of each minor and the required courses to complete the minor:

Supply Chain Management Minor (18 Hours)

  • SCM 304 - Principles of Supply Chain Management
  • MIS 302 - ERP Systems
  • SCM 310 - Purchasing
  • SCM 412 - Transportation
  • 2 Upper Level Business Electives

General Business Minor (18 Hours)

  • BUSI 2301 - Business Law
  • ECON 2301 - Principles of Macroeconomics
  • GBUS 456 - Social, Political and Legal Environment
  • MGT 395 - Principles of Management
  • MIS 360 - Essentials of Management Information Systems
  • MKT 363 - Marketing

MIS Minor (18 Hours)

  • MIS 302 - ERP Systems
  • MIS 310 - Mobile Application Development
  • MIS 360 - Essentials of Management Information Systems
  • MIS 361 - Database Systems and Design
  • MIS 362 - Systems Analysis and Design
  • MIS 450 - Principles of Management Information and Security
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